15 Years after Fourth of July Tragedy, Marysville Fireworks Show Returns

MARYSVILLE -- For the first time in 15 years, thousands of families enjoyed the sparkle of summer's biggest holiday as a free delight partially funded by the city of Marysville.

The city stopped their Fourth of July fireworks display after tragedy struck. In 2004, a little girl lost her foot and several others were injured in a fireworks explosion at Ellis Lake.

"We got up and moved around the other side of the lake and then that happened to her, and I was like, ‘Oh, my Lord,’" said Yuba City resident Tina Gorham.

“Just seeing one of the things fall from the sky and landing. But, I didn't see the actual accident happen, I just remember the screams,” said Yuba City resident Nicole Lust.

“It was a lot of calamity because there was a whole lot of uncertainty,” said Marysville City Councilman Brad Hudson. “A lot of people weren't quite sure what happened or how it happened."

Hudson was an engineer in the Marysville Fire Department on the night of the tragedy all those years ago.

Now, as a city councilman, he's responsible for the triumph over tragedy. He teamed up with a Yuba City councilman and several county agencies to host a regional display that could be seen for miles around.

"We're trying to get the community back involved to participate in staying locally and not necessarily leaving," Hudson said.

It does seem like his idea, one only organized six weeks ago, has ignited passion for community.

All of the host agencies shared the tab of $25,000 to create a display of 2,300 different fireworks dancing about 600 feet above the ground.

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