Deputies Conduct ‘Operation Independence’ Sweep Ahead of Fourth of July

SAN JOAQUIN COUNTY -- A registered sex offender, a gang member and a number of convicted felons are back behind bars after a three-day sweep from the San Joaquin County Sheriff's Office dubbed "Operation Independence."

"These are parolees, some of them are really high offenders, some are low offenders, but even the low offenders could be risky," Sergeant Kahekili Seto said.

Seto says the operation was meant to ensure a safer Fourth of July in San Joaquin County communities.

"Just so the public knows we’re out here, trying to keep them safe," Seto said.

FOX40 was present for several checks on Monday. Each was safe and each person cooperated.

But not everyone followed the rules, according to the sheriff's office. Deputies say one person, who was a registered sex offender, had pornography. Another convicted felon was selling weed, and another was found to have an active honey oil lab.

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