Employee Fatally Shot in Robbery at Modesto Adult Store; Suspect Arrested

MODESTO -- Modesto police arrested a suspect in the murder of an adult book store clerk after a full-blown manhunt.

What might have been a run-of-the-mill armed robbery at the Liberty Books Adult Superstore on Kansas Avenue in Modesto took a different turn when the suspect opened fire on the clerk before taking money from the register.

When police arrived on the scene they found 38-year-old Cinnamon Eades on the floor behind the cash register bleeding from at least one gunshot wound. She died at an area hospital, according to the policed department.

Detectives were initially stumped but knew a violent criminal was on the loose.

“It felt like a who done it,” said Sharon Bear, spokeswoman for the Modesto Police Department. “We were not sure if it was someone who was known to the victim. We didn’t know if it was a customer. As we gathered information, the sense of urgency also increased for us.”

Favian Ramirez, 20 (Credit: Modesto Police Department)

The big break in the case came when investigators learned the car the suspect was driving was apparently taken on a test drive from a used car lot. That’s what pointed them to 20-year-old Favian Ramirez of Modesto.

Around nine hours after the deadly shooting and robbery, police converged on a Ceres address where Ramirez was suspected to be and they spotted his car. He reportedly fled when he spotted the SWAT team.

“We set up a perimeter and were able to take him into custody,” Bear said.

Ramirez faces murder and robbery charges.

The store was closed for business Wednesday but an employee told FOX40 workers were devastated by the murder.

They said Eades, a former waitress, had a bubbly personality and was a favorite of customers. She was the mother of two small boys and a grown daughter.

An employee at the store said they will be closed for at least a week out of respect for Eades and her family and to mourn her loss.

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