The Immigrant Community is on Edge Amid Planned ICE Raids Across the US

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SACRAMENTO -- Though no Immigration and Customs Enforcement arrests have taken place in Sacramento so far, and are supposedly not intended to, those who are living in the country without legal permission are preparing for the worst.

Those in the Sacramento community say people are really scared right now and some are even afraid to leave their homes.

“Just the idea of being ripped from your home is very frightening,” said Tomas Evangelista. “And I think that everyone should try to put themselves in our shoes.”

Evangelista knows the fear and anxiety all too well. As a Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals recipient, he won’t be affected by the planned ICE raids in 10 major U.S. cities, but he knows people who could be at risk of deportation.

“I’m an undocumented immigrant myself. I’m protected by DACA, but I went through those times when I thought I would get deported and picked up,” Evangelista said. “It’s an anxiety that’s hard to explain, because not only would you be separated by your community, you’d be separated by your family and probably taken to a place that you don’t even remember.”

ICE officials say the target of the raids are those with final deportation orders, but Evangelista says those who entered the county illegally should not rely on their word.

“Unfortunately, it’s very hard to trust what the administration is saying. A lot of the time when these ICE raids go on, a lot of people still get caught up in it even if they’re not the target of those raids,” he said.

He encourages everyone to stay informed and know their rights. And to lean on each other and their community during this uncertain time.

“This is our home and I hope that everyone can understand that,” Evangelista said.

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