Stockton Prints Handout for Undocumented Immigrants on What To Do During Encounters with ICE Agents

STOCKTON -- A newly-released handout that will be found in Stockton City Hall and through other organizations includes information about what to do if you're stopped by ICE agents.

Mayor Michael Tubbs says the information is integral to making Stockton safer.

"Thanks to the resources that they have exposed me to, I now think I live a better life," Delta College student Gloria Alonso-Cruz said.

Alonso-Cruz is one of many Stockton residents living in the U.S. illegally.

"She’s not a criminal, she’s not a threat to our community," Tubbs said. "In fact, our community is better because she’s here and doing her best."

Alonso-Cruz is a community leader studying to become an urbanist. She credits her passion in large part to her education.

"So we want to make sure that as many people have access to the guide as possible so they know that they have rights, they know where to go to for help," Tubbs said.

Mayor Tubbs says he’s received many messages from families living in fear about ICE raids and deportation and says the pamphlet may make the city safer.

"We have an issue with crime in this community. We’re not safe unless everyone who is here feels comfortable picking up the phone and reporting to the police department a crime happened," Tubbs said.

The mayor says the guide is available at organizations such as Catholic Charities and is printed in Spanish, English, Tagalog and Cambodian.

"This is not the White House," Tubbs said. "This is not about ICE for me, this is about us as a community."

Click here to view the guide.

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