Dive Bar Says Tweet Claiming Bartenders Spiked Patron’s Drink is ‘Without Merit’

A screenshot of the tweet alleging bartenders “roofied” a woman at Dive Bar.

SACRAMENTO — Police said they were “aware of and looking into” a social media allegation that bartenders at Dive Bar in downtown Sacramento spiked a woman’s drink with an unknown drug.

By Wednesday, the tweet about the alleged incident garnered more than 7,000 likes and 3,000 retweets, as well as a legion of comments by other women complaining that they’ve endured something similar. The Twitter user who posted the allegation later made her account private.

Dive Bar’s outside CFO, consultant and administrator Frank Finelli responded to FOX40’s request for a statement on the allegation Thursday. Finelli said the state’s Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control and Sacramento police found no evidence to support the claim made in the tweet:

In respect to the hearsay and allegations that the Dive Bar bartenders are drugging patrons is without merit. The Alcohol Beverage Control Agency of CA in concert with the local law enforcement agencies have visited the Dive Bar this week and completed their initial due diligence including the review of the camera tapes regarding the complaint of a recent patron. They concluded that there was no infraction and/or violation committed by the Dive Bar organization by their discovery process. Further, the Dive Bar Enterprise unequivocally deny any of these assertions.

ABC said they were looking into the Twitter user’s allegation Thursday, saying in part:

ABC is looking into an allegation posted on Facebook claiming that a female patron says she was ‘drugged’ – something was put into her drink at the Dive Bar. ABC is looking into the matter at this time and cannot say anything further. The Dive Bar has been licensed since 2016 with no disciplinary history – clean record. 

While comments continued to pop up on various sites and negative reviews flooded the downtown business’s Yelp page, Tamera Shea and Sharyl Camery made their way down to K Street Wednesday night specifically to visit Dive Bar as they wrapped up time in town for a conference.

They told FOX40 a drug being slipped into their drinks is always a concern if they’re traveling or at home, so they were vigilant.

They acknowledged those tactics won’t help if a drug is mixed in even before their drink is handed to them. However, they also acknowledged the tweet would not change their minds about going to the K Street lounge.

“Because anybody can make an accusation on social media and social media’s the kind of a place where you can make accusations without really having to show your face even,” Camery said.

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