Elk Grove Woman Says ‘Days of Corruption are Done’ for Puerto Rico’s Governor

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ELK GROVE -- For more than a week, thousands of protesters have been gathering outside the home of Puerto Rico's governor, calling for him to resign.

Elaine Vega, a Puerto Rican woman living in Elk Grove, is proud of the protesters for standing up to what she calls corruption.

From the art around her home, to the photographs on her wall, Vega parades her pride for Puerto Rico.

“There’s a deep love that you have," Vega explained. “It’s a state of being, it’s a state of heritage, it’s a state of commitment. It’s a love affair that Puerto Ricans have with their island and their community."

But this is a love affair that does not extend to Governor Ricardo Rosello.

“Ricky, renuncia (resign). You’re done. Your days are done. The days of corruption are done. Its time, it’s time to step aside," Vega said.

The protests were sparked in large by the release of private messages sent between the governor and his close allies containing homophobic and misogynistic slurs.

“I think that the protests are a longtime coming. The lack of progress in the two years since the hurricane," Vega said. "The frustrations are growing and long before [Hurricane] Maria, the corruption was deep.”

The governor’s administration was already under investigation for several accusations of corruption.

Right now, the FBI is looking into the finances of his wife’s nonprofit -- a sore spot for Vega because she fundraised for the organization after Hurricane Maria.

“It’s very disappointing. It’s disheartening. And, I feel responsible and accountable to the people who came together and donated money," Vega said.

She worries that the $5,000 she raised didn’t go to help victims of Hurricane Maria, as the governor's wife had promised.

But, Vega is not defeated. She plans to continue to lobby for change on her island, through fundraising and political action.

“This has to be long term," Vega said. "This has to be the catalyst for real change and we have to create that real change through our voice. Our voice is our vote. We have to vote.”

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