Wide Open Walls Unveils 2019 Artist Lineup

Wide Open Walls is returning for its third year in Sacramento! Check out the lineup of participating artists below.

Aik Brown
Alberto Montes
Alexis Diaz
Ali Futrell
Axel Void
Beth Emmerich
Bruce Gossett
Carl Avery
Cecelia Perez
Charmaine Olivia
David Puck
Eliseo Silva
Emilio Cerezo
Ivan Floro
Jeremy Stanger
Jessie and Katey
Jillian Evelyn
John Horton
Jose Di Gregorio
Josh Tremain
Kiri Leigh Jones
Kristin Farr
Lauren YS
Lin Fei Fei
Lord Pawn ‪Mars 1 ‬
Martha Cooper
Melinda Arendt
Melissa Arendt
Milton 510
Molly Devlin
Raphael Delgado
Robert Bowen
Shane Grammer
Shonna McDaniels
Stephanie Taylor
Ursula X Young
Waylon Horner

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