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Newsom’s Budget Cuts Funding for Placer County Program for Adults With Disabilities

PLACER COUNTY -- Gov. Gavin Newsom's budget is creating problems for several families in Placer County.

Funding for a popular program aimed at helping adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities is being cut.

Now, the community is rallying to help keep that program going.

"He's socializing. They're doing simple things, like everyday things," said Bryan Hyland’s uncle, Andy Waldrop.

That’s all thanks in part to the On the Go program through The Arc of Placer County, a state-funded program that's been around for 10 years.

On the Go, which provides social recreation for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, has been a part of 21-year-old Hyland's life for the past several years.

Families got word last week that the governor was cutting off funding.

The program’s executive director wrote:

The state budget passed last week does not provide enough funding for our core programs to operate without going into a deficit, this means we are unable to continue operation On the Go/Youth the way that we have for the last 10 years.

“He has all the time off and there are no programs, especially for young adults, and that's really key,” Waldrop said.

With parents who work full-time, On the Go provides a sense of independence for Hyland several times during the month.

“To just do away with the program that helps these people just seems like the most silly thing to do,” his uncle said.

"When he was born, actually, the doctors said, ‘He may never touch you. He may never say I love you. He may never laugh.’ Now, he laughs. He touches you. He hugs you. He has a sense of humor. He talks to everyone."

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