Sacramento Residents Fed Up With Abandoned Jump Bikes Littering Their Neighborhoods

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SACRAMENTO -- Jump bikes are constantly dumped in local neighborhoods and some residents are saying enough is enough.

Monday morning, a FOX40 viewer sent a picture of the red e-bikes illegally parked on a lawn and sidewalk near Howe Avenue in Sacramento. They were still there later in the day.

“In the morning you see the wreckage from the bars the night before,” said Josh Broussard, who lives just south of downtown Sacramento on Franklin Boulevard. “It’s just kind of random spots where they leave them. Up against trees, telephone poles, just kind of wherever you passed out the night before, I guess.”

The city mandates riders leave the bikes either at designated spots in the city or at bike racks.

But just because a rack is close doesn’t mean someone is going to use it.

“I see them littered constantly in the walkway, on the sidewalk, impeding pedestrian traffic,” said Land Park resident Bruce Reddick.

Reddick said when the bikes were new people would lock them up at street signs or light poles near his home. Now, they are just left wherever.

Reddick said Jump, which is owned by Uber, will send out crews to relocate them to a rack right down the street. He added the rack will be empty then suddenly, it will be full of bikes.

“So, I appreciate that they are relocating them but I still feel like the fact that they're able to be locked up in and of themselves alone and left wherever they're left is a problem,” Reddick said.

Jump declined to comment on the abandoned bikes. In an attempt to prevent the issue, however, Jump utilizes the following:

  • Jump uses field crews to rebalance supply 24 hours a day and seven days a week.
  • Restricted areas can be found in the app. Jump may impose a fine of $25 on riders who leave bikes in restricted areas.
  • Jump has not been fined by the city for bikes left in no-park zones.
  • In the terms of service, Jump notes that they may place an authorization hold on a rider’s credit or debit card to cover any fees, damages, or other such amounts that may arise.

The city was unable to talk Monday but said if the bikes are a problem in your area, call 311 or file a complaint online.

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