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Fairfield Councilwoman Says Tragedy Involving Newborn Twins Could Have Been Prevented

FAIRFIELD -- A day after a homeless woman gave birth to twins behind dumpsters in the parking lot of Cordelia businesses, she remained in the hospital.

Officials say she will likely face felony charges for child endangerment, which led to the death of one of her infants.

It's a scenario Fairfield Councilwoman Catherine Moy said could have been prevented.

Nearly two years ago, the Heather House was closed. It was a dwelling for the homeless, especially those with children. It's now boarded up and surrounded by a chain-link fence.

Councilwoman Moy told FOX40 she will rally at the next city council meeting for Fairfield to make an immediate change.

"I'm going to advocate to have it reopened,” she said. “This can't sit like this, been vacant for a year. That woman and those children, she should've been here."

Instead, Cordelia residents say that woman has been living on the streets of their neighborhood for some time.

“I tried to talk to her but she was very guarded,” said resident Carolyn Jamias-Cadenas.

Jamias-Cadenas is a registered nurse who tried to get the woman some help.

“You could tell she was kind of talking to herself a little bit,” she explained. “I wish I could've done more for her but there really isn't much you can do with that kind of a situation when they have to want the help."

Jamias-Cadenas and her husband, Philip Cadenas, believe the woman suffered from mental health issues and possibly addiction problems.

“She was talking to somebody that clearly wasn't there,” Cadenas said. “It's sad that something like that has to happen.”

They said when they have called police there was not much the officers could do, especially if the person is not willing to accept any help.

Moy said the shelters in Fairfield mostly accommodate adults and that a place such as Heather House could save lives.

“This is where the pregnant women come. She would not be on the streets and that baby wouldn't have died,” she said.

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