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Police: Three College-Age Victims Report Sexual Assaults at Davis Shopping Center, Parks

DAVIS -- Joggers and bikers in Davis were on high alert Thursday after police revealed a string of sexual assaults reported in their community.

The most recent attack happened Tuesday in Mace Ranch Park. A young female told police a man had grabbed her shorts.

“I think it’s very concerning if young women can’t feel safe in their own neighborhoods,” said Davis resident Tiffany Allen.

Last month, there was another report of an assault at a public park. At Arroyo Park, the victim reported being bound by her hands and driven to a rural location where an unknown man sexually assaulted her before driving her back to the park to let her go.

“There are a lot of kids and bikers and walkers who use this park,” said resident Lawerence Marx.

Then a third victim came forward, saying she was attacked back in April in the parking lot of Westlake Plaza Shopping Center not far from Arroyo Park.

Police say all three victims were college-age women who were alone at the time of the attacks.

“I can assure you that the Davis Police Department is taking these reports very seriously,” said Davis Police Lt. Arturo Camacho.

Lt. Camacho said the victims reported similar suspect descriptions of a white adult male with a medium to heavier build but police have not yet determined if the cases are related.

And Thursday night, people in Davis were on edge but not living in fear. However, they were keeping a closer eye on their surroundings and reporting any suspicious activity.

“It’s scary but there’s a lot of terrible things that happen in the world and I feel like at some point, you have to decide, are you going to stay locked away?” said Amanda Garvin. “I do consider Davis safer than other places but nowhere is perfect.”

Police are asking for your help tracking down the person or persons responsible. If you saw anything suspicious, you’re urged to contact the Davis Police Department.

Locations of three reported sexual assaults in Davis.

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