Modesto Considers Weapons Ban for Rallies in Light of ‘Straight Pride’ Event Controversy

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MODESTO -- The city of Modesto is looking to ban masks, clubs, slingshots and anything else city leaders say may be used as weapons during political rallies and protests.

A city spokesman said the action is in response to the highly controversial “straight pride” event that is supposed to take place later this month.

“In light of the ‘straight pride’ event and other potential events in the future, we need better control over what we allow at these demonstrations,” said city spokesman Thomas Reeves.

If the proposed urgency ordinance is approved, bats, clubs and other items that can be weaponized would be banned from certain events.

“The ordinance is very specific to rallies, political rallies, demonstrations and those types of things,” Reeves told FOX40.

“Our disagreement with the ordinance is that CCWs ought to be allowed,” said Douglas Welborn, the president of the Madison Society Foundation.

Welborn’s group works to protect Second Amendment rights.

Welborn said he takes issue with the first draft of the ordinance that forbade firearms. He said the city must uphold the rights of concealed weapons permit holders.

“The people ought to be able to have a way to protect themselves, either through mace, pepper spray or CCW holders,” he said.

However, the latest version dropped the term "firearms."

"This does not have anything to do with firearms, doesn’t have anything to do with the Second Amendment,” Reeves said. “All this does is allows for our police officers and law enforcement officers to more closely regulate what is brought to a demonstration."

Welborn said he intends to make sure the Modesto City Council keeps their word.

“We’re still going to the meeting tonight ‘cause I’d like to see that it’s really out of there,” Welborn said.

The City Council will decide if they want to approve the ordinance at Tuesday night’s meeting.

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