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CHP Mourns Loss of Riverside Officer on Agency’s 90th Anniversary

WEST SACRAMENTO -- California Highway Patrol officials held a special ceremony to remember the officer who lost his life during a traffic stop in Riverside earlier this week.

On the day that marks the 90th anniversary of the CHP, officers were doing the opposite of celebrating.

"We decided that a better tribute is to do our bell toll ceremony," said CHP Commissioner Warren Stanley.

CHP officials scrapped their plans for a big celebration Wednesday when they learned 33-year-old Andre Moye Jr. was gunned down during a traffic stop.

His death comes just four months after another CHP officer was killed in Riverside.

Moye had been with the CHP for nearly three years and went through training at the facility in West Sacramento back in 2016.

"He was a wonderful officer. He was a hard worker,” Stanley said. β€œHe loved, and it was his dream, he absolutely loved being a CHP officer. He was living his dream."

Dozens of officers, cadets, captains and employees came together at the CHP Academy to pay their respects and participate in a sacred ceremony only performed when a CHP officer loses their life on the job.

Stanley said he knows his officers' jobs are becoming more challenging every day but hopes he never has to hear that bell again.

"In the rest of my career, if I never have to do one of these ceremonies again, I will be happy because that means I haven't lost an officer. That means a mother and a father hasn't lost a son or a daughter,” he said.

Officer Moye's name will be added to a plaque on a fountain memorial during a ceremony next May.

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