Enrollment Confusion Leads to 6 School Districts Turning Away Crows Landing Teen

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TURLOCK -- The Ceres Unified School District admitted to making a mistake after shutting the door on a Stanislaus County teen who needed to enroll in high school.

Ryan Coffer smiled widely after enrolling at his new school. Friday will be his first day as a high schooler and his first day in weeks knowing where he belongs.

“I think I’ll feel pretty good to be back in school,” Ryan told FOX40.

While Ryan’s peers began classes Monday, he said he has been stuck at home because not a single school district allowed him to enroll.

“Pretty hectic, honestly, it’s just one thing after another between each schools and it’s kind of annoying,” he said.

Ryan’s mother, Nicole, said their family first went to the Ceres Unified School District three weeks ago.

“Ceres is like, ‘No, you’re not ours. You’re Turlock High,'” Nicole Coffer explained.

Then they went to Turlock and Nicole says they also told her no.

All-in-all, six different cities turned them away.

“The chaos that we have been put through is just unbelievable,” Nicole Coffer said. “I’ve never dealt with such a thing.”

Her family recently moved to Crows Landing, which is a gray area with no distinct school district lines.

“It’s been chaos and I don’t understand how one simple address has caused so many issues,” Nicole said.

Fed up, the family reached out to FOX40 and within minutes the assistant superintendent of Ceres Unified, Jay Simmonds, had an apology. FOX40 spoke to him over the phone.

“We apologize, we messed up,” Simmonds said. “We should not have done that. We should have checked our facts before he was told no.”

“Kind of shocking, honestly, that they actually admitted to the mistake,” Nicole Coffer said.

Ryan is now a student at Central Valley High School and is looking forward to expanding his social circle.

Simmonds said he is going to do everything in his power to ensure this does not happen again.

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