Old Bus Stop Signs Up for Grabs as Sacramento RT Rolls Out New Design

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SACRAMENTO -- Out with the old and in with the new.

The Sacramento Regional Transit District is replacing thousands of bus stop signs -- but they're not throwing them away.

“This style has been up and around Sacramento for 30 years,” said Sacramento RT spokeswoman Jessica Gonzalez.

The update isn’t just aesthetic.

"We're completely changing all of our routes," Gonzalez said.

The route numbers on the signs are also changing.

The new signs even tell the rider where exactly they are going.

“To increase frequency, weekend service, have better, more direct routes and have a more user-friendly bus system for our riders,” Gonzalez said.

RT has already started placing the new signs around town.

As for the old signs, Gonzalez said they are “giving our riders in the public an opportunity to get one of our old bus stop signs.”

Since RT announced they were giving away the signs, around 500 people have already requested one, many out of nostalgia.

“Maybe my husband and I should get a route 72 sign, since that’s the route we met on,” said one Facebook user.

In total, 2,500 bus stop signs will be replaced.

The new routes will officially begin on Sunday, Sept. 8. Anyone wanting an old bus stop sign should email Regional Transit telling them which sign they are requesting.

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