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Another Sexually Violent Predator Could be Moving to Sacramento County

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SACRAMENTO -- The district attorney's office is once again warning people that a sexually violent predator may be moving to Sacramento County.

A peaceful evening watering their plants before a dip in the pool is just the kind of night the Robinsons dreamed of when they moved into their home off Excelsior Road in Sacramento County.

“I feel very safe, very safe. Our neighborhood is very quiet. At night we can hear the ducks, the geese and the horses," said Carol Robinson.

But plans for Ross Wollschlager to move in somewhere along Excelsior Road would alter their dream.

Wollschlager is a sexually violent predator out of Ventura County, due for release after almost 14 years behind bars for forcible rape, rape by false pretenses and lewd and lascivious acts on a 10-year-old child.

In 1983, he was convicted of raping two women in their Ventura County homes. Six years later, he was convicted of molesting a girl.

"That scares me because we have grandchildren 6 and 8 years old," Carol Robinson told FOX40.

DA Anne Marie Schubert put out a warning about Wollschlager and a notice about a Sept. 5th hearing for public comment that could help redirect his placement.

She says he has no ties to Sacramento County.

"They may think it's an easier sell, meaning people are not paying attention and won't push back against this type of situation," said Councilman Allen Warren.

Speaking to FOX40 via Facetime while out of town, Warren was left to guess why Sacramento has become such an attractive placement site for sex offenders. He's working to notify the public about another sexually violent predator who is slated to find a possible new home in his district.

He has started a petition and letter-writing campaign to keep Dariel Shazier, who has served 17 years for drugging and raping several teenage boys, out of Del Paso Heights. Since last week, they have gathered around 700 signatures from community members.

"Concern is the number one emotion I experienced," said Sacramento Public Library System Director Rivkah Sass.

It's not a move she has made often as director of the Sacramento Public Library System, but Sass has submitted a letter opposing Shazier.

She said the library in Del Paso Heights is relied upon more by its surrounding community than most centers. Around 1,300 children have been fed there in the last few months and she does not want anything to erode the safety net the area provides for kids.

"We do believe in rehabilitation but there are certain things that have to happen elsewhere and this is one of those instances," she told FOX40.

The public comment hearing on Dariel Shazier is Aug. 26 at 9 a.m. in Santa Clara Superior Court.

If the move is approved, Wollschlager would be monitored for one year.

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