Hungry Bear Catches Teens Off Guard by Walking into Truckee Kitchen

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SAN FRANCISCO -- Two teenagers were caught off guard when a bear made its way into their vacation home in Truckee.

Teens Hayes Sherman and Bobby Harden of San Francisco were vacationing in Truckee over the weekend, where Hayes' family has a second home.

One night, they heard noises coming from the kitchen. A bear had come in through the open garage door.

A Nest security camera captured the late-night visitor.

At one point, after the boys called 911, they said the bear tried to get into the room they were hiding in.

"Meanwhile, we still have to hold the door, barricade the door, and we have to remain quiet all through this traumatic situation," Hayes told FOX40.

"We have never been through anything more scary," Bobby said.

Meanwhile, Hayes' mother, Susan Mohun, was upstairs and spoke with a dispatcher. She said she was told to stay put and ignore her "mama bear" instincts.

That's when Placer County Deputy Allyson Prero came to the rescue. She kicked the door open and got the bear to leave by firing a warning shot using a plastic bullet.

"The boys were very appreciative, expressed their gratitude for law enforcement, which was just awesome to hear," Deputy Prero told FOX40.

The boys say they learned a valuable lesson about not leaving a door unlocked in bear country and the homeowners are in the process of making the home more "bear-proof."

They also say the bear ate two cartons of Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream and left a little "surprise" on the living room carpet.

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