Rocklin Neighbors Hope Short-Term Rental Regulations Will Help Curb Violence, Noise

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ROCKLIN -- New rules have been put in place by Rocklin officials after stories of violence and loud parties from vacation rentals troubled residents.

“We were out Friday night, having a good time so we got home about 1 o'clock and they were having some sort of party over there,” said Michael Hathorn.

It has been a couple of months, but Hathorn still vividly remembered the early morning hours of June 8.

“Heard some screaming and yelling and we came outside," he recalled. "And some guys had left and they got in their car and they drove down the street over here. And they just turned around and came back and then opened fire on the house and took off."

Two people were hit but sustained injuries that were not life-threatening.

Hathorn said the party was at a house being rented through Airbnb, which is common, even in Rocklin.

In 2015, FOX40 reported on a short-term rental home that those living nearby said was being used for parties near a Rocklin golf course. Neighbors, even then, were upset and frustrated.

But now the city does have more power.

“The Rocklin City Council recently passed an ordinance that puts some regulations on short-term rentals in the city,” said city spokesman Michael Young.

The ordinance will require short-term rentals to be limited to 90 days a year.

The rental home's owner will have to submit a permit to the city to be allowed to rent their home to companies like Airbnb, which allows the city to keep a database of who’s approved.

In the event of a disturbance requiring police, the homeowners must be available within 30 minutes.

“It basically provides a measure of accountability,” said.

Hathorn told FOX40 he appreciates the city’s new rules.

“Get the ball rolling. Maybe some more stuff will be coming, more vetting and stuff like that,” he said.

The city said it expects the new ordinance to take effect later this year, likely in November.

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