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Folsom Woman Jumps into Patrol Vehicle, Tries to Grab Officer’s Rifle

Ann Hontz, 43 (Credit: Folsom Police Department)

FOLSOM — A Folsom woman got into the back of a patrol vehicle and tried to take an officer’s rifle Sunday before she was arrested.

Around 9:15 a.m., the Folsom Police Departments says officers went to Natoma Street near Caloma Street where they confronted Ann Hontz. The person who called police said the 43-year-old woman had gotten inside their motor home and was refusing to leave.

Police say a “live round” fell out of a secondary magazine on the rifle as officers struggled with the suspect. (Credit: Folsom Police Department)

At one point, Hontz jumped into the backseat of a patrol vehicle, which is when the police department says she tried to grab an officer’s rifle.

While officers struggled with Hontz, police say she caused a bullet to fall out of a secondary magazine attached to the rifle.

Hontz was stopped by a stun gun and taken into custody. She has been booked into the Sacramento County Main Jail where she faces charges for resisting arrest and attempting to disarm an officer.

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