Dozens Volunteer to Prepare Food for Homeless on Labor Day

SACRAMENTO -- Dozens spent Labor Day volunteering at Loaves & Fishes, preparing lunch for hundreds.

These are all current or former union workers. Their day jobs range from firefighters to bus driver to production staff.

Jaqueline Ramsey is a retired state employee, volunteering at this Loaves and Fishes project for the first time.

"It's helping the community. It's one thing to talk about people being poor in a disparaging manner, it's another thing to really put in an effort to help people," Ramsey said.

Loaves & Fishes provides food and services to homeless people year-round but prepared food for about 600 people on Monday. William Morrisey, who works in stage production for performances that come through Sacramento, says this was a chance to address an issue that affects people he knows.

"I figured I’d do what I can do to help, rather than sit at home and complain about it," he said.

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