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Driver Flees after Crashing into Manteca Fire Station

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MANTECA -- No firefighters were injured when a vehicle crashed into the bay door at Manteca Fire Station 2 early Sunday morning, firefighters said.

The crash happened around 1:30 a.m., according to a Facebook post from the union representing Manteca firefighters, as firefighters had just returned from a call.

"We had just returned from a medical call, so we were out here, right around here, in the out bay getting undressed and then getting ready for the next call when somebody drove through our front door," Manteca Fire Captain Travis Gooch said.

Gooch said the crash came within a few feet of one of his firefighters.

"If the door had been up he could have been hit. He was right there," Gooch said. "He was about two or three feet away from it when it came through."

Firefighters say they approached the vehicle after the crash to see if the driver was OK, but it reversed and drove into the door again.

The vehicle then drove away down Union Road, the union said.

It was described as a late model gray or silver Toyota sedan.

No structural damage was done to the building, firefighters said, but the bay door will need to be replaced.

"We've actually responded to probably 20 or 30 calls since then out of the station. So the service was never actually impacted," Gooch said. "We just had to move some vehicles around because we can't use the front door."

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