As Firefighters Gain Ground on Country Fire, Some Residents Return

COOL -- As soon as the light came up Wednesday morning, Cathy Tobias took a walk around Greenwood.

Walking around the area of Highway 193 through the evacuation zone, it was her first chance to take in the scope of the Country Fire, which sparked Tuesday afternoon. She was out of town when it all happened.

"My phone was blowing up. 'I think your house is on fire,'" she said. "I'm like, 'No! It can’t be.'"

Tobias' home, where she's lived for just three months, was spared.

"They're canceling everybody’s insurance up here. So my insurance was canceled on the 31st of August but I upped it and my new insurance company has had it for two days. They took it over on September 1. I was like, 'Please God, don't have to make me call them,'" Tobias said.

She's not oblivious to her fire danger on Lou Allen Lane. She said she intentionally put her home in a now burned field.

Keeping the vegetation low, she was focused on creating a defensible space. Her project this winter was going to be the trees behind the home.

Just across the street, a vacant mobile home burned along with three other structures. Further down Highway 193, flames overtook a fire truck.

The fire is believed to have started along Country Hills Lane.

At least two firefighters were injured while battling the flames.

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