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County Takeover Could Mean Dozens of Stops Along Jackson Highway

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AMADOR COUNTY -- A section of Highway 16 is planned to be turned over from the state to Sacramento County -- and with that handover come many anticipated changes.

"There's so many moving parts that we don't want to make a mistake in doing something that down the road is going to cost the taxpayer," said Matt Robinson, a spokesman for Sacramento County.

Robinson said the handover has been in the works for several years and there still is work to be done before the changeover happens.

"Right now, there are still environmental reports that need to be done and other research to see how well this would work if the county took it over," Robinson explained.

Among the changes that are expected to take place along the highway include converting a portion of the highway to a boulevard as part of a planned, large-scale residential development in the area.

That would bring tens of thousands of new residents, which is good news to some area businesses.

“Having more homes come out here would allow people to move out here,” Robinson told FOX40. “But we'd also have to look at other impacts that this type of construction would build."

However, up to 26 additional stops could be added along the highway and have an impact on traffic.

"It's going to be backed up. That's only a two-lane highway and it's going to back up quite a bit," said Sacramento County resident Malia King. "People are going to have a hard time going to and from work, along with going home, school or whatever."

Robinson said there is no set deadline as far as when the county will take over Jackson Highway.

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