Mountain House Neighborhood On High Alert after Smash-and-Grab Car Break-Ins

MOUNTAIN HOUSE -- Surveillance video from Dhirendra Prasad shows it took less than 30 seconds to smash-and-grab each car in his Mountain House neighborhood.

"I looked and two of my Mercedes cars and my Ford truck was broken," Prasad said.

Prasad said San Joaquin County deputies woke him up early Thursday morning.

"He says it's not only your cars there's about 12 of them in the neighborhood at the time," Prasad explained.

Less than a mile away, in the Bethany Village neighborhood on Communidad Street and La Rosa Lane, even more cars were broken into.

Deputies say in all more than 20 cars were hit.

"They planned it strategically and they found items left in vehicles," San Joaquin County Sheriff's spokeswoman Andrea Lopez said.

Lopez told FOX40 one man was arrested later Thursday morning.

He was contacted by the Livermore Police Department for being involved in similar behavior.

Deputies said Santino Jesse Guevara-Lozano is now in an Alameda County Jail for 17 car burglaries.

"He was in possession of evidence linking him to the Mountain House vehicle burglaries," Lopez explained.

Prasad said his community is now on high alert.

"We need kind of more safety and patrol from our sheriff's department," Prasad suggested.

The string of car burglaries comes just weeks after the sheriff's office reduced the number of deputies in Mountain House.

"We don't believe they were a target. We have great coverage in that area. We have at least seven to 11 deputies within a 24-hour period that touch base in Mountain House," Lopez said. "So, they are not unattended.


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