Groups Dedicated to Cleaning Up Stockton’s Mormon Slough

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STOCKTON -- It has been burned, trashed and vandalized but over the weekend, a number of organizations, including veterans, pitched in and cleaned up Stockton’s Mormon Slough.

People from varying backgrounds, ideologies and political stances descended into Mormon Slough Saturday.

“There’s people that are too far right and too far left. We got to come into the center because we’re all in this together,” said volunteer Patrick Miller.

Despite their differences, they all worked toward the same goal.

“Our mission was to take action and clean,” said Ryan Casperson, a commander with Chapter 33-2 of the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association.

Organizers with several Stockton groups, including military veterans, were masked and gloved while they removed garbage.

“Time for a change and we’re trying to show Stockton that we’re ready to do it,” Casperson said. “If no one else wants to do it, we’ll do it.”

Throughout the years, the slough has been trashed, set ablaze and vandalized. Cleanup crews have been there before -- but garbage always makes its way back.

“And so, this is just a start for us to make our community better,” Miller said.

Two days later, there was still some trash left. Organizers said the effort is ongoing.

“We’ll keep on doing this until it’s taken care of,” Casperson told FOX40.

Organizers said cleaning up is tackling just one part of the problem. There are also a number of other issues that need to be addressed, such as the homeless issue and the resources to get them off the streets.

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