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Surveillance Video Shows Man Hit Parked Car Then Walk Away

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STOCKTON -- A neighbor's home surveillance camera captured a driver slamming into the back of a parked SUV outside a neighbor's home.

The crash happened around 10:45 Wednesday night along South Oro Avenue near East Main Street in Stockton.

"We had just got home and we just heard a bam! And there's always things going off here so I paid no attention to it. So after that I said, 'Wait a minute, let me text the neighbor and see if she's OK.' That's when she told me, 'Somebody hit your car and he's still in the car,'" the woman who owns the car that was hit told FOX40. She did not want to be identified in this story.

The woman says she immediately called 911 and waited for officers to arrive.

"He just got out, got his backpack and walked away," she said, describing her surveillance video.

Video shows the driver get out of the car, inspect the damage and even pick up his bumper. He then rolls the car backward before grabbing his belongings and throws something away as he walks off.

"My husband came out and was walking in back of him and the cops were telling him, 'Don't go after him because he might have a weapon,'" the woman said.

She says she's frustrated the suspect was able to get away, leaving their own totaled car behind. Now, she is on the hook to pay for hundreds of dollars worth of damage.

"Now I'm car-less," she said. "Now I have to pay, you know, the deductible, I have to pay for a car rental. I have to do everything and the guy just gets away."

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