Cannabis Job Fair Held as State’s Pot Industry Grows

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SACRAMENTO -- Since California legalized recreational marijuana in 2018, the industry has grown exponentially.

And as the state’s cannabis industry evolves, so are the people working with it.

“Now in the stores, you see uniforms, very professional, articulate people, very knowledgeable, skilled people,” Sacramento Cannabis Industry Association spokesman Eric Luchini said. “Those are harder to come by.”

The California Employment Development Department hosted a cannabis job fair on Thursday to attract new employees to the newest booming business in the state.

“Just get more information on the dispensary business. You know, logistics, warehouse, packaging, how to open a dispensary. All types of business like that,” student Myles Pruitt said.

But dispensaries and cannabis production companies weren’t the only ones with booths at the hiring event.

Government agencies and nonprofit organizations were also there, looking for staff to help build the framework to support the new industry.

“So the government is going, ‘How do we really normalize this?’” Luchini said. "It doesn't look normalized now. People are still scared of it."

The Sacramento Cannabis Industry Association is doing just that — offering job training and education specifically tailored to the state’s marijuana industry.

“At the greater whole, that’s what’s going to elevate the community, is very knowledgeable, professional people speaking about cannabis,” Luchini said.

And officials say the best time to break into the business is right now.

“It’s a great time but time is running out very quickly. When January 2018 hit and it became legal statewide, the rush was on but the dust was all over the place,” Luchini said. “In 2020, the industry’s really going to launch at a much higher clip.”

The Sacramento Cannabis Industry Association has placed about 100 employees in dispensaries since it began its training program in April.

They focus on community education and employee development to help elevate California’s cannabis industry to higher standards.

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