Roseville Man at Odds with City over Botched Sidewalk Repair Project

ROSEVILLE -- Retired firefighter Pat Antuzzi says it was an ordeal to get Roseville officials to fix a botched wheelchair sidewalk project.

He returned from an out of state trip at the beginning of August to discover that concrete had been poured onto his white picket fence and burying his irrigation lines.

His cell phone video and photos show concrete thrown haphazardly onto his property and between the slats of his fence.

"How did it pass inspection, that was my first thought," Antuzzi said. "How does this get through?"

He says a third-party inspector told him that the city had eminent domain rights and could put a lien on his house if he tried to remove the concrete, which he knew to be untrue.

Antuzzi had to go to city public works to work out an agreement where he would replace his the fence absent material costs. But after weeks of trying to get the remedial work done, the city told him work may not begin until November.

He says only after he threatened to go public did a crew come to re-pave the sidewalk.

City officials say the project to install wheelchair-accessible ramps on sidewalks is the first time it used the California Highway Construction Group and that no other complaints have been filed against the contractor.

They say the city contractor admitted to the error and are paying for materials to replace Antuzzi's fence.

Antuzzi says there was no indication that the contractor was going to tell him about the mistake and that he encountered resistance and delays when trying to get the remedial work done. He is doing the labor to rebuild his fence and says he was unwilling to wait until the city's November timeline to do the work.

"I love this town. I chose to be here, I worked hard for my house, I don't mind paying taxes," Antuzzi said. "But I don't think we should bear the brunt of that behavior."

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