Placer County Deputies: Home Invader Arrested for Armed Battery

Meghan Gantz, 31. Photo courtesy of Placer County Sheriff’s Office

ALTA — A woman was arrested Friday night for invading a home in Alta, armed with a stolen gun and attacking the couple who lived there, according to the Placer County Sheriff’s Office.

Officials said 31-year-old Meghan Gantz was walking down Culberson Road at around 11 p.m., going house to house, trying different doors until she found one that was unlocked and walked in. The man and woman couple who lived in the home were sitting in the living room when Gantz entered, according to officials.

The couple did not know Gantz and asked her to leave, eventually getting Gantz to go outside, officials said. According to deputies, Gantz came back into the home and pulled out a stolen revolver from her jacket pocket.

Deputies said the man was able to disarm Gantz and the couple was able to force her back outside. Gantz responded by yelling profanities and grabbing the woman by the throat and choking her, according to deputies. Officials said the woman was able to get away and the couple then ran back into the house and locked all the windows and doors.

Deputies said Gantz circled the house banging on all the doors and windows, threatening to kill the couple. Officials said Gantz was still outside the home when deputies arrived.

When a deputy tried to handcuff Gantz, officials said she tried to grab an item from his duty belt and tried to pull away once the handcuffs were placed.

Gantz was booked at the Auburn jail and charged with burglary, criminal threats, brandishing a firearm, armed with a firearm while committing a felony, possession of stolen property, battery and resisting arrest, according to officials. She is not eligible for bail.

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