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Parole agents spend Halloween night knocking on sex offenders’ doors

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Update: CDCR parole agents arrested 82 of the 1275 sex offender parolees they contacted on Halloween night during "Operation Boo." 

SACRAMENTO COUNTY, Calif. (KTXL) -- It's a night all about being out and about and going door to door.

But the parole uniforms mixed in with Halloween get-ups Thursday night on the sidewalks of Sacramento County were not costumes.

Around 40 state parole agents sacrificed Halloween night with their families to keep other families safe by making sure parolees who have preyed on children sexually were not luring them in on a night when it's supposed to be OK to knock on a stranger's door.

At the third stop on their list of about 20 sex offenders, agents found that one of their best tools to track what's going on with criminals now working their way back into the community may have been tampered with.

A Citrus Heights man in his mid-40s did not want to talk about the part of his GPS tracker that appeared to be disconnected from the unit as he was arrested. He was also quiet as he was transferred to the transport van that would take him to jail.

On Halloween, having exterior lights on and putting up decorations could send other child sex offenders on that same trip.

Agents made every effort to assess all aspects of a parole check to determine the truth of a situation.

Earlier in the sweep at a house in Rio Linda, mini-sized bottles of alcohol were found, which were prohibited for the 45-year-old offender living there with his father.

"We made the determination there that based on his father owning up to it and saying that it was his alcohol, that it was not a violation," said one agent. "We take it on a case by case basis."

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