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Man thanks BART worker who pulled him to safety, saving him from oncoming train

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RANCHO CORDOVA, Calif. (KTXL) -- A Rancho Cordova man opened up about the terrifying moments at an Oakland station where he fell in front of a moving train before being pulled to safety by a Bart Area Rapid Transit worker.

“By the time I fell, I realized the train was coming," said Rayshawn Jackson. "I tried to jump. The first jump I missed and, thank God, the second jump, it was like an angel in the outfield just grabbed me taking me to safety.”

John O’Connor is the BART supervisor who rescued Jackson from being hit by a train Sunday.

“Thank God for the man that actually saved my life,” Jackson said. “He’s a real hero and he’s my hero, for sure.”

Jackson said after leaving the Oakland Raiders game he lost contact with his friends.

A surveillance video posted by BART shows him on the phone before falling. The misstep was aided by alcohol that Jackson said made it feel as if time nearly stopped.

“It was like slow motion. Like, I fell, I seen the train, people looking at me telling me, 'Train's coming, train's coming,'” Jackson recalled. “I just remember looking back at the train one more time, it was literally seconds away from me. I just remember jumping in the air and I just got caught in midair.”

After the rescue, Jackson and O’Connor embraced.

“I was telling him in his ear, ‘Man, I am very thankful,’” Jackson explained.

On Wednesday, in a private conversation, the two spoke again over the phone.

Jackson still remembered what O’Connor whispered to him during the hug.

“I told him, ‘Hey, pay it forward,’” O'Connor said.

Jackson said after the life-changing experience, consider it done.

“Now I’m the type of person, I’m going to start reaching out to people who need help and it really changed the way I think of life now. Very precious, life is very precious,” Jackson said.

Jackson said he has been contacted by friends and family from all over the country after the video went viral.

He also said BART has invited him to meet up with O’Connor Saturday for the Cal Berkeley football game. He said he hopes to make it to get another chance to thank the man who saved his life.

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