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Bloomberg calls for ‘war on poverty’ in Stockton visit

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STOCKTON, Calif. (KTXL) -- Taking center stage inside a Stockton coffee shop, Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg promised to do for the nation what he had done for New York.

"We don’t know what the problems of tomorrow are gonna be, but we can look to see how the people who are going to lead us and face those problems performed in the past,” Bloomberg said.

But first, he’ll need to introduce himself to the majority of voters in the Golden State who don’t know who he is.

“My husband and I are willing to listen and think about what Mayor Bloomberg has said,” attendee Julie Schardt said.

Bloomberg, the former mayor of New York, met with Stockton families and Mayor Michael Tubbs.

Tubbs had endorsed Kamala Harris before she ended her campaign. He now endorses Bloomberg.

“The most important criteria is who can beat Donald Trump? And Mayor Bloomberg has the record, the resources and the relationships to do so,” Tubbs said.

Tubbs admitted he took issue with some of Bloomberg’s political history, including his support of the stop-and-frisk policy – which critics say led to racist profiling.

“Me and Mayor Bloomberg have had this conversation,” Tubbs said. “I am 29 years old, I am young, I am black, my father is in jail. Stop-and-frisk is terrible.”

“Look, I made a mistake and I apologize for it,” Bloomberg said.

If he wins the nomination and goes on to beat President Donald Trump in 2020, Bloomberg pledges to wage a “war on poverty,” in which he promises to build more affordable housing and raise wages.

“We’re going to substantially increase the construction of affordable housing both through tax credits and direct government spending,” he said. “Just as we did in New York.”

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