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When it comes right down to it, I’d have to admit that I’m a romantic. See also: those images in my head of the hard-bitten street reporter, in worn-out shoes and a rumpled trench coat, in perpetual pursuit of “The Scoop.” (Capital letters intended). Even in the many ways I’m not that guy, I’d like to be. Except the streets these days are largely digital, and no one wears fedoras with a little “press” card stuffed in the band anymore. That’s okay by me, I don’t look good in hats.

Over the last decade-and-a-half, I’ve been a correspondent in every corner of this beautiful county- from Alaska to Arkansas. I’ve covered Hurricane Katrina from the cockpit of a C-130, the Iditarod from a sub-zero sleeping bag at the side of a lonely trail in the Alaskan bush, and OJ Simpson’s arrest (the time it stuck) from the Las Vegas Hotel/Casino where the shenanigans happened.

I’ve loved every step of the way, not even really knowing what love was until my son Sam was born.

And just to show you that I’m a serious guy, the obligatory brag: Along the way I’ve racked up my share of recognition. Most recently I won the Society of Professional Journalists “Best Investigative Story” award, and I was nominated for a “Best Reporter” Emmy.

My spare time is precious and little, so I spend it wisely. I teach News Writing at Cal State Sacramento, and volunteer with the children’s charity, Sacramento Active 20-30 Club. Both experiences are a genuine thrill for me.

Now I’ve got to go. Sam is waiting for me to come home and read “Goodnight Moon” to him. And among all the things I’ve mentioned here, doing that is the biggest thrill of all.

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    Monorail Catches Fire at Cal Expo During State Fair

    CAL EXPO — A shower of sparks, raining down at the California State Fair. And not just sparks, parts too, from the malfunctioning monorail. “It was a part about the size of my arm. And it landed right on my freezer,” said Steve Roy. For more than a dozen years, Steve Roy has been selling smoothies at the State Fair; strawberry is his most popular, but he says they’re all good. This Saturday afternoon, though, turned bad in a way […]

  • Deputies: Three BASE Jumpers Arrested near Foresthill Bridge

    FORESTHILL — Three men were arrested Sunday after Placer County sheriff’s deputies say they were seen BASE jumping from the Foresthill Bridge. The sheriff’s office says deputies were at the bridge shortly after 9 p.m. responding to reports of a suicidal woman. There, investigators say they witnessed three people with parachutes jump from the catwalk under the bridge. The Placer County Sheriff’s Office says the men first climbed out onto a catwalk hanging underneath the bridge. There were six or […]

  • South Placer Firefighter Killed in Overnight Crash on Highway 65

    Update: A memorial service is being held on July 27 at 10 a.m. at Bayside Church Adventure on Stanford Ranch Road in Roseville. Donations can be made to the Firefighters Burn Institute or the Semper Fi Fund, according to the South Place Fire District. LINCOLN — A South Placer firefighter was killed in a motorcycle accident sometime Thursday night. When exactly the motorcycle went off the road at the Lincoln Boulevard off-ramp at Highway 65 is unclear. Investigators say firefighter David […]

  • Stars Tee Off in South Lake Tahoe Celebrity Golf Tournament

    SOUTH LAKE TAHOE — It was all scenery and celebrities at Lake Tahoe’s Edgewood Country Club Thursday. Star Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers was just one in a host of A-listers there. But he’s the one Ashley Gipson and her boys came out from Lincoln to see. “I said to him, ‘Discount double check.’ And he went, ‘Boom, baby,'” said fan Brayden Gipson. Getting autographs from your favorite baller isn’t the limit to the interaction. When Stephen Curry put […]

  • Sanctuary State Battle Comes to Placer County

    PLACER COUNTY — There were dozens of residents and hours of public comment Tuesday as the Placer County Board of Supervisors considered a proposal to reject the State of California’s so-called “sanctuary state” law. It’s a law that prevents local police and sheriff’s departments from cooperating with Immigration and Customs Enforcement. It’s an especially emotional issue in Placer County, where the death of Sheriff’s Deputy Michael Davis is still fresh in the minds of many. Davis was shot to death […]

  • Sacramento Church Takes Stand Against Migrant Family Separations Using Nativity Scene

    SACRAMENTO — It’s usually a manger and it’s usually December. “Let’s take the Nativity scene out of the basements of churches in general, put them on the lawn and help people see the story,” said Reverend Bonnie Rambob. The figures of Mary, Joseph and Jesus were separated and caged Monday night in front of Parkside Community Church on Land Park Drive. Next to the scene stood a painted sign that read, “SEEKING ASYLUM IN AMERICA TODAY.” It’s the church’s way […]

  • Global SuperTanker Takes Off From Sacramento to Help Fight Fires Around The State

    SACRAMENTO — The so-called Global SuperTanker, took off from Sacramento on its first mission for the State of California this summer on Saturday; headed to the Klamathon Fire at the Oregon border. “We can reach the Southern tip of California in about 40 minutes, we can reach their northern side in 30-32 minutes,” said Marcos Valdez who pilots the plane. Valdez took FOX40 on a tour just before the firefighting behemoth was deployed. The 747 used to be a passenger […]

  • Owner Upset After Intruder Shears Off Part of Horse’s Mane

    ORANGEVALE — When Mel Beasley came to feed and water his horses Thursday morning he found out someone had been there before him. Someone broke into his horses’ pasture and sheared off about a foot of mane from his American paint horse, Zaney. “Just the white. Yeah. Yeah because as we’ve said because they can process it, dye it, use it for different hair extensions and stuff,” Beasley said. But for wigs and extensions, horse hair isn’t exactly a popular […]

  • California Classic Kicks Off at Golden 1 Center

    SACRAMENTO — Marvin Bagley III, De’Aaron Fox and Harry Giles — they are the young players the Kings hope will carry them into a new era and for the first time they all took the floor of the Golden 1 Center Monday night. Plagued with injury since he was a top high school prospect, the Kings picked up Giles last year and kept him in their back pocket until Monday night. He’s finally ready to play. It is in the Summer […]