Sacramento is my home. Sure, I grew up in the Bay Area. But after graduating from Sac State with a degree in communications, I knew that I would be happy living and working in this city. That’s why, after a few years reporting in Eureka and Reno after college, I jumped at the chance to come home to the Sacramento region where many of my friends and relatives live. I’ve been a reporter in the Capital City since 2001, and at FOX40 since 2008. I enjoy meeting the great people of this region and visiting so many cities and communities on assignment.

On weekends you can catch me forecasting the weather on FOX40. My love of the outdoors and the science of weather (even those blustery Blue Canyon snowstorms) led to this position.

On my days off, I enjoy keeping up with my extended family and spending time in the company of good friends. I also get along quite well with my DVR and flat screen TV. When the weather is nice, you might see me running or trying to play golf. Trying. During the winter, I gladly trade in the golf clubs for my snowboard.

Recent Articles
  • Officials Testing Lake Tahoe for Harmful Blue-Green Algal Bloom after Dog’s Death

    EL DORADO COUNTY — Officials have tested a portion of the Lake Tahoe shoreline to determine if a toxic form of algae is present. On August 21, a person reported that their dog had died after swimming in the lake near Tallac Historic Site on the South Shore. Kiva Beach near the south shore of Lake Tahoe is a treasure for visitors, both human and canine. “You come out here and usually there’s probably 30 or 40 dogs running around, […]

  • State Officials Want People to be Prepared Despite Fewer Wildfires This Year

    SACRAMENTO — While the Monday afternoon temperatures climbed above 100 degrees, a fire broke out in a Rio Linda field off Cherry Lane. It burned through dry grass and some fallen trees. Firefighters were able to extinguish it quickly, eliminating the threat to nearby homes. It is a story seen repeated this season by fire agencies up and down the state. Fires have broken out and were put out with minimal damage. “So, we really have seen a decrease in […]

  • Six-Mile Slowdown Leads to Confusion Along I-80

    SACRAMENTO — Along a 6-mile stretch of Interstate 80 between Douglas Boulevard in Roseville and Madison Avenue in Sacramento, 55 mph signs were posted in both directions. A spokesman with the California Highway Patrol explained to FOX40 the California Vehicle Code gives Caltrans the authority to change the speed limit in construction zones. In the case of I-80, the work is happening at night. Caltrans is working on curbs, gutters, K-rails and pavement on that stretch of the interstate. The […]

  • Sacramento Police Make Two Arrests Using Bait Equipment

    NATOMAS — Local police are using bait to lure criminals and neighbors say the active police work has been desperately needed. People who work in the area of North Freeway Boulevard and Promenade Circle in Natomas have noticed a troubling trend — thieves keep breaking into cars. “It’s ridiculous how much it happens,” said J.C. Arreola, who works in Natomas. Sacramento police have also taken notice. Monday, they planted a car in the area containing bait equipment. “At this time, […]

  • Hungry Bear Catches Teens Off Guard by Walking into Truckee Kitchen

    SAN FRANCISCO — Two teenagers were caught off guard when a bear made its way into their vacation home in Truckee. Teens Hayes Sherman and Bobby Harden of San Francisco were vacationing in Truckee over the weekend, where Hayes’ family has a second home. One night, they heard noises coming from the kitchen. A bear had come in through the open garage door. A Nest security camera captured the late-night visitor. At one point, after the boys called 911, they […]

  • Flames Engulf Pickup Truck Hauling Trailer, Sparking El Dorado County Fire

    EL DORADO COUNTY — A relatively quiet summer fire season in the foothills had the potential to turn disastrous on a blistering hot Wednesday afternoon. The flames first erupted around 1 p.m., when a pickup truck pulling a trailer caught fire along eastbound Highway 50. The fire spread quickly through the grass alongside the highway. “The fire started spreading up the hill quickly,” said homeowner Shaun Gardner. Gardner’s home was one of several structures threatened when flames broke out along […]

  • Another Summer Heatwave Hits the Valley With Extreme Temperatures

    The artificial grass at Monterey Trail High School in Elk Grove doesn’t require water but the athletes practicing on the turf Tuesday afternoon certainly needed it. That’s why the football field has sprinklers and they were gushing during practice on the 100-degree day. “We call it rainy days because the water hits them and all their jerseys and pants get all wet. So, their temperature goes down. They’re having fun at practice,” said varsity coach T.J. Ewing. Ewing encourages his […]

  • Teams Search Wilderness Around Georgetown for Missing Man

    GEORGETOWN — While Georgetown is a good place to live if you love the great outdoors, the wilderness that surrounds the town also makes it a difficult place to search for a missing person. Georgetown resident John Greever left home the morning of Saturday, Aug. 3. Family members say the 38-year-old has not been seen or heard from since. Search and rescue teams have been out every day looking for Greever. Monday evening, deputies were focusing on a nature trail […]

  • Local Officials Want You to Get Ready for This Weekend’s Scorching Temperatures

    SACRAMENTO — Daniel Sotelo was enjoying Wednesday afternoon at McKinley Park with his three sons. “Just whatever we can just to have fun and enjoy the summer while the kids are off on their summer vacation,” he told FOX40. They were tolerating the heat. “I try to tell them, ‘Stay hydrated, get water’ but sometimes they don’t drink it as much. So, I’ve really been on them lately,” Sotelo said. They were doing all the right things but this coming […]

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