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  • Sacramento Republic FC Enters 4th Year with High Hopes — and a Little Drama

    SACRAMENTO — In yet another sold out game, with nearly 12,000 people looking on, Sacramento Republic FC won its season opener at home Saturday night with a 4-0 shutout over Orange County SC. But there is a much larger game afoot. “Well no, listen, Kevin and I are very close,” said Warren Smith, president of Sacramento Republic FC. “We look forward to having a conference with you guys very, very soon. Things are going very well.” Kevin Nagle leads the […]

  • Local High School Basketball Teams Compete in CIF State Championships

    SACRAMENTO — As far as big games go, it doesn’t get any bigger. Neither does the trophy. And neither does the court. “Whew…nerve-wracking at first,” said Vanden player, Myli Martinez. Teams from the capital region were well-represented in the California State High School Basketball Championships, representing their schools on the Kings court at the Golden 1 Center. Their fans were there to represent as well. Woodcreek out of Roseville played for the State Championships in the boys open division. Earlier […]

  • Arden Neighbors Concerned Over Planned Shopping Center Overhaul

    SACRAMENTO — Developers are making room to overhaul a shopping center at Watt Avenue and Arden Way. An overhaul, but is it an improvement? That depends on who you ask. “There’ll be more traffic back there, and potential for an increase in crime,” said neighbor Phil Varner. Phil Varner lives on a street of homes less than 300 feet away from the site. The concern for him and his neighbors is the plan for two fast food restaurants, with 24 […]

  • Locals Bid Farewell to Music Legend Chuck Berry

    SACRAMENTO — In a way it doesn’t matter what is played on the jukebox, somewhere up in the family tree of every rock ‘n’ roll song you’re liable to run into Chuck Berry. “If I hadn’t been here, I would have had to go out and find some live music tonight,” said one local fan. Rock ‘n’ roll fans at the Torch Club in Sacramento mourned the death of Chuck Berry like only rock ‘n’ roll fans can. “He is […]

  • Freeport Residents Instructed to Boil Water or Face Serious Illness

    FREEPORT — The warning doesn’t say what’s in the water, but it does say that water must be boiled for at least a minute before being consumed or it may cause stomach or intestinal illness. “I had already brushed my teeth, drank water and coffee and everything else that morning,” said Pat Jenks, one of the residents who got the notice. “And, you know, it just kind of scared us.” Jenks says she and her neighbors at Freeport RV Park […]

  • Nearby Citizens Keep Watchful Eye on Stressed Garden Highway Levee

    SUTTER COUNTY — It is a blustery Sunday evening and Mike Campour is on patrol. He’s driving the Garden Highway north of Sacramento in Sutter County where the Feather River is swollen and running fast. Where this road, and the levee beneath it, are the only things between that water and the acres of farmland and homes on the other side. “None of these levees have been worked on out here. The ones that have been neglected,” Campour said. Mike’s […]

  • Sacramento to Pay Mann Family $719,000 as Civil Suit Comes to a Close

    SACRAMENTO — Since his death at the hands of Sacramento Police officers last summer, the case of Joseph Mann has troubled many, and served as a rallying cry for many more. Now that case has been settled. “It was a settlement that the parties negotiated in an amount that neither side particularly liked,” said John Burris, the attorney representing Joseph Mann’s family in their civil suit against Sacramento. The figure — $719,000, according to Burris. Early this week, Sacramento County’s […]

  • Yiannopoulos Alleges UC Davis Administrators Forced Event Cancellation

    DAVIS — In the video captured by FOX40 you can see a fist flying right toward the face of Martin Shkreli. Along with Milo Yiannopoulos, Shkreli was something of a one-two punch himself in terms of guest speakers, booked by the University of California, Davis, College Republicans. But as the event drew nearer, so did protesters. And as barricades were broken apart and protesters surged toward UC Davis Police officers, the event was canceled. Despite the controversial speakers on the […]

  • Snow Melt Causes Concern over Truckee River Flooding

    TRUCKEE — Paul Combs shoveled the snow off his boat — not that he thinks he is going to need his boat. But he figured he should knock the snow off before it melts in the rain. “We’re preparing for the worst but hoping for the best,” Combs said. Combs lives right along the Truckee River in Truckee, where there’s a flood watch in place. “I don’t expect tomorrow’s flood to be quite as big as ’97 just because Lake […]

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