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  • Loaves and Fishes Feeds 600 Christmas Day

    SACRAMENTO– Loaves & Fishes fed nearly 600 people Christmas Day between 11am and 1:30pm. “We had turkey, ham, sweet potatoes, corn bread,” says Mark Hawkins, a Loaves & Fishes staff member. Next year will mark Loaves & Fishes’ 30th anniversary in the Sacramento region. “We feed people almost every day of the year, not just Christmas,” said Hawkins. Mark McKibbin has been volunteering with the organization for 6 years, and he’s only 15. “These people are good people who have […]

  • Holiday Travelers Delayed At Sac International

    SACRAMENTO- Hundreds of holiday travelers flocked to Sacramento International Airport Thursday. “Everyone’s coming and going for the holidays,” one passenger told FOX40. “Since Christmas falls on a Tuesday this year, we’re expecting Friday, Saturday and Sunday to be very busy,” said Karen Doron, of Sac International. As of Thursday night, 11 flights were delayed on Southwest alone. In preperation for the travel season, airport officials opened up additional parking, and beefed up staff. Friday is expected to amongst the worst […]

  • Sandy Hook Shooting: Should Children Be Interviewed On Camera?

    A camera, reporter and microphone: all part of a television interview, done by news outlets around the world every single day, but when children are the subject of a tragedy, the task gets a little gray. “This is hard to watch” said child psychologist Marya Endriga as she pulled up multiple interviews on her computer with reporters and children from the scene at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Conn. Friday. “We don’t put children on the witness stand in court proceedings […]

  • Finding a Common Thread among Gunmen in Mass Shootings

    SACRAMENTO- A high school, a college campus, a movie theater, and Friday, a kindergarten classroom. Mass shootings happen far too often, but psychiatrists say there’s a common thread among those responsible. “Think about the male role, it’s always been to be the provider,” said Dr. Frank Lozano, and psychiatrist and mental health advocate. Going through Friday’s tragedy and past shootings, Lozano points out the suspects have all been male and in their early to mid 20’s. “(They’re) probably feeling a sense of futility […]

  • State Agencies Investigated For Misuse Of Funding

    SACRAMENTO– A new report released Tuesday from the California State Auditor reveals several state agencies investigated for misusing state funds. The California Natural Resources Agency is on the list. The report states the agency reimbursed employees nearly $50,000 for commutes between Sacramento and San Francisco. “This was clearly a breach of state policy,” said agency spokesperson Richard Stapler. Across the board, the new report uncovered various state agencies spending nearly $620,000 of taxpayer money this year alone. For a full list of the […]

  • Stand-off Suspect’s Family Speaks

    SACRAMENTO- Xang Khang’s family says despite what it might look like, the suspect in Saturday’s stand off situation is not a monster. Inside their South Sacramento home, Khang’s sister and 9-year-old daughter were in tears Monday afternoon. The family is shocked by his actions. In an off camera interview, they told us that the 26-year-old was a great person, who would give anyone the shirt off of his back. But, Khang has criminal convictions on his record, among them, drug […]

  • Man Shot While on the Phone with Deputies

    NORTH SACRAMENTO– A 9-11 call for help was cut short when a man contacted Sheriff deputies for help around 2 a.m. Saturday. The man reported that a woman pulled a gun on him and that he was following that woman and another woman in a vehicle. During that call, deputies at the call center could hear gunshots in the background, and then the line was disconnected. Twenty minutes later, deputies responded to the intersection of Predial Way and Essence Way. […]

  • Few Claiming Loans Available for New Home Buyers

    YUBA COUNTY– As much as $60,000 is up for grabs for qualified first-time buyers in Yuba County. Yet, no one seems to be stepping up to claim it. “Actually we had one,” says Linda Monroe from the County’s Housing Department. Most people have no idea about this program. “The first time homebuyer program is designed to assist young couples, or individuals when purchasing their ever first home.” We came across one of those target individuals. “We’d like to own something by […]

  • ‘It’s a Miracle’: Displaced Family Gets Home Furnished

    ANTELOPE– “It’s a miracle,” says Danae Reynolds. The mother and her family of seven were displaced six days ago in the wake of the rainstorm that swept through the Sacramento Valley. “We woke up to a foot and a half of rain in our home, everything was ruined,” says Reynolds. Now, thanks to more than two dozen of her co-workers at a company called Paramount Equity, she has furniture. Employees spent their Saturday unloading a trailer full of stuff for […]

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