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  • Investigators: ‘Hoax’ Explosive Found at Yuba City School

    YUBA CITY — Tense moments at a Yuba City School, after a possible explosive was found near one of the classrooms. “This is frightening, to get a phone call and know there’s something, a bomb or whatever it can be,” Judith Jensen said, who picked up her three children. “We take everything serious. Most likely, it’s not any type of explosive,” Sutter County Undersheriff Jeff Pierce said. “But to be on the safe side, and on safety, we went ahead […]

  • CHP: Sierra Snow Levels Highest in 20 Years

    California Highway Patrol Officer James Giraudo says the last time he’s seen this much snow was back in 1997, with all the flooding in Truckee that followed the snow melt. “This is by far, in the last 20 years, I’d say this is number two,” he said. Snow was high, reaching 20 feet at some point — reaching all the way to the freeway overpass. Excessive snow forced Caltrans to close Donner Pass Road. “It’s not plowed. There’s been wires […]

  • Chandra Levy’s Mother Speaks Out After Charges Against Man Convicted of Killing Daughter Are Dropped

    MODESTO — Susan Levy, mother of Chandra Levy, is upset because charges against the man convicted of killing her daughter were dropped. “I’m in a state of shock. My wish is that the right person, whoever did what they did to my daughter, we get the answers,” Levy said. Chandra grew up in Modesto, and she was an intern with the Federal Bureau of Prisons in Washington, D.C. In May 2001, at the age of 24, she disappeared. Months later, […]

  • Rosemont Man Died Protecting His Family from Home Invaders

    A 64-year-old bright light, a life cut tragically short Tuesday night, after family and deputies say Paul Jarvis confronted four men, all armed with handguns, who barged their way inside his Goldilocks Way home. He stood in their way to protect his while family and took several bullets to his chest to stop the suspects from getting to his loved ones. “Dad was an amazing man. What I’m realizing now is a lot of what he was doing was for me,” […]

  • Stockton Man Robbed of Hoverboard at Gunpoint

    STOCKTON– Teontee Guster, Sr.,  was on his little boys’ hoverboard, out to get some seasoning salt for the dinner he was making for his grandmother, when an armed guy he said looked about 17 years old, confronted him Monday evening in the area of El Dorado Street and Iris Avenue. Frozen in his tracks, Guster put his hands up as he looked squarely at this young male with a gun. “Put it toward my face, and was all like, ‘Give me your mother-effing hoverboard.’ […]

  • Mall’s Head of Security Recounts Crime-Stopping Measures, Other Accomplishments in 15 Year Tenure

    SACRAMENTO COUNTY- The thought of not being at Arden Fair Mall day-to-day as head of security, gets this combat Vietnam War Veteran all choked up. “When I came here, I’d been a policeman for 18 years.  And I absolutely did not know anything about security,” Steve Reed said. But during Steve Reed’s 15-year tenure at Arden Fair, he learned quickly and implemented groundbreaking policy.  “With our hoodie policy and our license plate reader, those are things nobody else does,” Reed said. Outlawing patrons from wearing […]

  • Family of Killed Stockton Officer to Suspect: “Turn Yourself in”

    VALLEY SPRINGS- While investigators look for a suspect’s van that hit and killed a former officer, Jimmy Pendergrass’ family is trying to make sense of such a tragedy, days before Christmas. Pendergrass was walking to work at the Stockton Police Station along Washington Street Tuesday morning. He was in the crosswalk next to the station, when a green, 90s model van ran him over, and drove off. Pendergrass died from his injuries. His family in Valley Springs spoke to FOX40 […]

  • Vicious Wild Boar Attacks Woman walking with Dogs

    SOLANO COUNTY- A wild boar allegedly gored a woman several times as she was walking with her dogs. The woman is still being treated for her injuries. She was walking her two dogs in the Gordon Valley area last week, when the boar attacked for apparently no reason. “It come from behind and just knocked her down. And she kinda yelled and screamed,”Linda Bushey, who is neighbors with the woman, said. After the initial attack, the woman thought the wild […]

  • Davis PD Receives Mine-Resistant, Ambush-Proof Military Vehicle

    DAVIS— It’s a mine-resistant, ambush-proof vehicle. It was developed for the military for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Now, it’s available for use on the streets of Davis. The Davis Police Department acquired a nearly $700,000 military vehicle, but they got it for free through a government surplus program that was developed back in 1999. Given the recent developments in Ferguson Missouri, many question whether local police departments should take a military-like posture with the citizens they vow to […]

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