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  • New Law Requires Cars to Stay 3 Feet Away from Cyclists

    SACRAMENTO – Starting Tuesday, a new California law requires drivers to stay at least three feet away from cyclists. “If they can’t give them three feet, what they’re supposed to do is slow down to a speed that’s reasonable and prudent,” CHP spokesperson Chad Hertzell said. Hertzell says cyclists can also drive in the middle of the road if there’s not enough space for cars to pass. He says there’s good reason behind the rule. “In 2011, we had 140 […]

  • Folsom Lake Speed Limit Reduced

     FOLSOM – Folsom Lake is so low, it’s now considered dangerous to speed on it. State park officials lowered the speed limit to 5 miles per hour on Monday. “To see it this low, is discouraging,” boater John Harris said. Eric Dales, an official based on Folsom Lake says the speed limit is to protect lake-goers. Dales says levels are so low, someone could get hurt. “If they’re going full plain at regular speed, they’re going to hit a rock or sandbar caused […]

  • 2 Weeks Later, Napa Homeowners Fear Never Returning Home

    NAPA – Christina Jaimeson is one of about 60 Napa residents whose home is still red-tagged after the 6.0 quake. Two weeks later, concern has turned to desperation. “I don’t know where to go from here, I need some help…please! I’m sleeping in a sleeping bag. I have nothing,” said Jaimeson. The quake shifted the place she’s called home for the past thirty years by nearly two feet. She says no one will help her. “Hut housing- they said the […]

  • Carmichael Parents On High Alert as Detectives Search for Child Abductor

    CARMICHAEL – Carmichael parents are still on high alert four days after an 8-year-old girl was abducted in the middle of the night while she was sleeping. Sacramento County Sheriff’s Detectives say the man who did it is still out there. They say they still don’t know who he is and are following up on leads from the public. Mother Jessicca Moore worries for her 2-year-old. “It stuns me that her parents can be home and the child can still be preyed […]

  • Founder of Sleep Train Sells Mattress Company for $425 Million

    ROCKLIN – Founder and CEO of Sleep Train, Dale Carlsen, sold his mattress company on Thursday to Mattress Firm Holding Corporation in Texas for $425 million. “It’s an exciting time for the local community as well as the nation,” Carlsen Said. “What we’re looking for is really to be able to be the best resource across the country for people to have a better night sleep.” Sleep Train currently has 312 stores in six states. Mattress Firm has 1,500 stores […]

  • CHP Investigating 18-year-old Death as Hit-and-Run

    SACRAMENTO— Eighteen-year-old Brianna Norman left a Sacramento 7-11 and raced across Madison Avenue near Auburn Boulevard, according to witnesses. They say she may have been trying to catch a bus. But according to CHP, she never made it across the street. At around 4:30 p.m., CHP says a 47-year-old female driver in a 2005 gray Nissan Pathfinder hit Norman. “We don’t know if she was killed instantly or on her way to the hospital. She was transported to Mercy San […]

  • Sacramento Community Leaders Encourage Employers to Hire Former Inmates

    Several Sacramento Community leaders met with employers Tuesday morning to encourage them to hire former inmates. The California Prison Authority, The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation and the Sacramento Employment and Training Agency along with other associations gathered to encourage business owners to hire former offenders.

  • Hundreds of Fish Flounder After Napa Quake Hits Aquarium Store

    Dozens of aquarium tanks came crashing down at Aquatic World in Napa after an earthquake rattled the area Sunday morning.

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    1,200 Immigrants become American Citizens

    SACRAMENTO— On Wednesday, 1,200 immigrants at the Sacramento Memorial Auditorium could finally call America more than just their home. People from all across the globe, from 77 different nations became American citizens Some of them were from countries in conflict. “I have uncles and aunts that are really afraid, what’s going to happen, what’s going to happen next…like, if they are going to wake up the next morning,” said Ukranian immigrant Lyudmila Kovalskiy. She says her family there lives in fear, […]

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