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  • Wheelchair Stolen from Disabled Sacramento Veteran

    SACRAMENTO – Veteran Alvin Luke has dealt with physical pain for years, he says his legs are so bloated he can barely walk. And Thursday, Luke got a major emotional blow. The electric wheelchair he desperately needs in order to get around was stolen. “To do it to an honest, sincere, Godly-loving person… it really hurts. And I’ve never done nothing wrong to nobody,” Luke said. Luke was visiting his friend just a few blocks from his south Sacramento home when he […]

  • Woman Nearly Drowns, 13 others Found Unconscious or Injured Near Discovery Park

    SACRAMENTO – One woman nearly drowned and 13 others were found either unconscious or injured near Discovery Park Sunday afternoon. The number of incidents is high for officials. Sacramento City Firefighters said that typically on busy weekends, there are one or two medical incidents. Many who needed medical attention were a part of the Rage in the River party near Discovery Park, where fire officials say there were a lot of people drinking in triple degree temperatures. Sacramento City Firefighters […]

  • Internet Helps Rocklin Couple Realize Dream of Growing Family

    ROCKLIN – Kim and Kevin Finnegan have been trying to expand their family for years. They already have one child, but the last two times Kim has been pregnant, the couple has walked out of the hospital with heartbreak. “It was almost like we did the walk of shame. When we walked to our car, we didn’t have a baby,” said Kim. They turned to surrogacy to have another child that’s biologically their own. “It truly means everything to us. […]

  • Dad Helps Track Down Daughter’s Stolen Bike

    ROSEVILLE – Sophia Shaw said she’d dreamed of getting a purple and green BMX for months. She finally got one for her birthday last year but just last week, it was stolen. A few days later, kids in the neighborhood told her family they saw he bike. So Sophia’s father got in his car to hunt down his daughter’s bike. He found it just a few miles away in front of The Dollar Store on Harding Boulevard. He says he saw 37-year-old Omar […]

  • Officials Cracking Down on Illegal Fireworks

    SACRAMENTO- George Apple, the fire marshal with Cosumnes Fire says this Fourth of July is going to be a busy one for his team and is encouraging all families to buy legal fireworks. The legal fireworks have a seal that says “State of California, State Fire Marshal, Safe and Sane” “If it doesn’t have that, it’s illegal in the state of California,” Apple said. In just the last few weeks, there have been some arrests involving illegal fireworks. Galt Police […]

  • Pastor Accused of Soliciting Prostitution Is No-Show for Interview

    SACRAMENTO – A Carmichael pastor accused of soliciting prostitutes said he’d speak to FOX40 Friday afternoon to talk about what happened the night he was arrested. A leader from his community showed up for the interview, but Pastor John Oselsky was a no-show. “It was an agreed appointment, for 4:30, but for whatever reasons he talked to his attorney and he was instructed not to talk to the media or anybody,” said Slavic American Community Leader Florin Ciuriuc. The Sacramento Sheriff’s […]

  • Roseville Seniors Graduate Day After Stage Set on Fire

      ROSEVILLE – Roseville Police say two high school seniors set their graduation stage and football field on fire early Thursday morning. Police say Jordan Loya, 18, was one of the students. FOX40 confirmed with multiple sources the name of the second suspect, 17-year-old Joe Evans. “It’s a very disappointing thing to happen, especially just a few days before graduation,” said Emma Carlson, a Roseville High School senior. Loya and Evans were supposed to graduate Friday night. Instead, Loya sits […]

  • Placerville Group Trying to Preserve City’s History

    PLACERVILLE – Kirk Smith is fighting to preserve Placerville’s history. His family has lived in the city since 1848 and he says the city is trying to destroy the history that brings in tourists in from all around the world. Smith’s group, The Friends of Historic Hangtown, wants to block the city from reconstructing the Main Street and Cedar Ravine Road intersection, including putting in a roundabout. “It’s part of our history, it’s part of what makes this place unique. […]

  • Modesto Runner Offers Advice after Wrong Turn Nearly Killed Him

    MODESTO – Modesto endurance runner Bob Root is taking steps to be more careful when going on long runs after he went missing for two days in Foresthill back in March. Last weekend, he went back to the path where he took a wrong turn. That wrong turn left him in below-freezing conditions in a very rugged area of Foresthill.  Root suffered anxiety about going back to the place that could have been his last.  “After this adventure I had – I would…hear […]

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