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  • Rio Vista Native Aboard Troubled Cruise Ship Now Docked in Norway

    It was meant to be a fun, carefree vacation for Alexus Sheppard and her wife Debbie but after their cruise ship was hit by rough weather and suffered engine problems, the couple’s vacation was anything but relaxed. They were off the coast of Norway in treacherous, frigid waters when there was a loss of power to the ship’s engine. Sheppard, a Rio Vista native, was one of nearly 1,400 people on board the Viking Sky at the time. Now, they’re […]

  • Ripon Cell Tower to Be Removed From School Grounds; Mothers of Cancer Survivors Share Feelings of Relief

    RIPON — Parents in Ripon have been fighting for a Sprint cell tower to come down for roughly two years and they’re calling the company’s latest decision a major win. “It’s been a very hard battle, a very hard battle. And I’m hoping we’ve reached the end of it,” mother Kellie Prime said. Now, these parents can breathe a sigh of relief after learning the cell tower outside of their sons’ former school, Weston Elementary, will soon be moved. Prime […]

  • California National Guard to Leave Border, Help Stop Fires

    SACRAMENTO (AP) — California is calling in the National Guard for the first time next month to help protect communities from devastating fires like the one that largely destroyed the city of Paradise last fall. It’s pulling the troops away from President Donald Trump’s border protection efforts and devoting them to fire protection, another area where Trump has been critical of California’s Democratic officials — even repeatedly threatening to cut off federal disaster funding. Starting next week, 110 California National […]

  • Family Says Sacramento Man was Engaged, Expecting First Child Before River Swept Him Away

    PLACER COUNTY — Family members say the Sacramento man who slipped and fell into the fast-moving American River Sunday was expecting his first child. Most days, Andy Ortega Fonseca could be found buzzing away at So Fly Ink in Sacramento. “He was one of the good ones. He was probably one of the best guys I had,” said the shop’s owner Pete Ozuna. On Tuesday, his tattoo station sat empty. “The good die young, that’s true. In his case, that’s […]

  • Car Crashes into Marysville Pump House During High-Speed Chase

    MARYSVILLE — Marysville police were searching for a suspect Monday night who led police on a high-speed chase. Shattered glass and splintered wood were all that was left of a water agency pump house near the corner of East 19th and Sampson streets. A car slammed right into the building Sunday morning around 4:30, waking up neighbors like Allyssa Thayer. “I looked out my window and I just see the telephone pole hanging by the wires. Then I was scared, […]

  • Department of Fish and Wildlife Says Abandoned Bear Cubs Were Taken Illegally from Their Mother

    SOUTH LAKE TAHOE — Two bear cubs were found separated from their mother last Saturday and left beside a Northern California highway. The 5-week-old cubs were rescued by wildlife officers beside Highway 96 in Yreka. The mother was nowhere in sight. The Department of Fish and Wildlife believes someone is responsible for moving them. One couple has been making sure the cubs are able to return to the wild and in the meantime, make sure they’re in safe and loving […]

  • Nearly $5K Worth of Equipment Stolen from Local Little League

    FAIR OAKS — Opening day was a sad one for members of the Fair Oaks/Orangevale Little League after someone broke into the league storage building and stole roughly $5,000 worth of equipment. This is a volunteer organization, mostly run by donations, so this theft is a huge loss for them. Now, frustrated parents and coaches are hoping the person responsible comes forward. As players run the bases, members of Fair Oaks/Orangevale Little League can’t help but feel like they struck […]

  • Gov. Newsom Signs Moratorium on Executions

    SACRAMENTO — The 737 inmates on the nation’s largest death row got a reprieve from California Gov. Gavin Newsom on Wednesday when he signed an executive order placing a moratorium on executions. Newsom also withdrew the lethal injection regulations that death penalty opponents already have tied up in courts and moved to shutter the new execution chamber at San Quentin State Prison that has never been used. “It’s a very emotional place that I stand,” Newsom told reporters after signing […]

  • Local Schools Use New Tool in Fight Against Bullying

    ELK GROVE — It’s a tough thing for any parent to hear that their child has become the target of a bully. “The thing that really broke my heart is his bully told him he should just go kill himself because he’s a loser and no one likes him,” said mother Lili DeVaney. “I cried my eyes out because you don’t want your babies to go through anything like that. You don’t want them to feel that bad.” DeVaney knew […]

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