Since I can remember, I’ve wanted to be a reporter –is a story you hear from a lot of journalists, many of them really good ones. It’s not mine. When I enrolled at Michigan State University, I was an 18-year-old kid from Metro-Detroit with an interest in government and foreign affairs, and an inkling that I’d more likely end up in law school than on television.

I became a huge consumer of news, reading a few different newspapers every day and watching television news whenever I had a free minute. Cliché maybe, but one day, it clicked. I got lucky enough to get a summer internship at the local FOX station in Detroit, and from DAY ONE of that gig, I thought yeah, this is definitely for me.

It’s my hope that who I am flows through my reporting. I come from a big, loud Lebanese family –lots of love, lots of craziness. Both parents came from very little means to create a life for our family. I try to model my drive and work ethic from their example, and work to bring that to every reporting assignment, every day.

After a few internships, the career path took me to Lansing, Michigan, where I had the privilege of covering news in my home state’s capital city. In two years there I learned how to cover political news from a state house, do some in-depth investigative reporting and tell meaningful stories. Most importantly, I learned what a vital role journalists play in the function of any community large or small.

The road after reporting in Lansing took me to Columbia University in New York City to complete a Master’s Degree. A rigorous year in the big city was definitely an adjustment for a guy from the Midwest. I’m glad I did it though –I learned a lot, and it led me here to FOX40.

I’m excited to be here, covering news in such a dynamic place. I’m eager to explore Sacramento, and venture out into the rest of Northern California. Of course, I’m always looking for great story ideas –especially ones that may fly under the radar.

I’m a serious guy when it comes to work, but that’s about it. Off camera, I’m a big fan of gangster movies, stand-up comedy, sitcom re-runs, books (mostly non-fiction political but I’ll read a little of everything). Don’t be surprised to see me at a bar around town, or a local sporting event –I’ll root for the Kings, except when my Detroit Pistons are in town.

Don’t be a stranger! Feel free to contact me if you’ve got a story. Email me at, tweet me at @JoeKhalil_Media, or call (916)-202-3643.

Recent Articles
  • Lincoln Police Say Disgruntled Window Washer Punched Woman in the Face

    LINCOLN — A Lincoln woman was beaten at her home by a man she paid to clean her windows this week. The Sun City Lincoln Hills community is quiet and quaint. Retirees make up a large number of the residents there. It’s the last place you’d expect to hear about a violent assault or a felony arrest. “It wasn’t like anything … you wouldn’t have expected anything. I have no clue what set him off,” said resident Gerry Esker. Esker […]

  • Could Sacramento Handle an Influx of Migrants? Mayor, Advocates Weigh In

    SACRAMENTO — President Donald Trump has promised more than once to send buses full of migrants from the southern border to California’s so-called “sanctuary cities,” of which Sacramento is one. “We’re a proud sanctuary city and it’s just another tweet. It’s more idiocy, frankly,” said Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg. Steinberg clearly does not think the president will follow through. But what if he does? The mayor says Sacramento will welcome large groups of migrants. “If Donald Trump somehow followed through […]

  • Proposed Legislation Aims to Help First Responders Struggling With Psychological Trauma

    SACRAMENTO — First responders are often forced to deal with trauma on a daily basis and for some, it eventually takes a toll. Now, lawmakers in California are trying to make it easier for firefighters, police officers and others in the emergency services sector to get help. “In 2010, I was involved in a house explosion. It injured me, I was burned,” said Mike Feyh. Feyh said after that explosion he and his crew suffered trauma and signs of PTSD. […]

  • US Forest Service Investigates Racist Graffiti Found Covering Basin Creek Picnic Area

    TUOLUMNE COUNTY — Racial slurs and messages of hate were spray-painted all throughout an area of Basin Creek in Tuolumne County. When Mike Austin and his friends saw the graffiti this week he posted pictures to a community Facebook group. “We don’t want that,” Austin said. “Racism isn’t learned, it’s taught. That’s teaching people that it’s OK to say that word and it is not OK.” As FOX40’s reporter was interviewing Austin, Eli Mansfield said his first name was spray-painted […]

  • Paradise High School Principal Forced to Move after Camp Fire

    PARADISE — Loren Lighthall wears a lot of hats. He’s a husband and a father to seven children. But his most visible job is principal of Paradise High School. “It was a very hard decision to make ’cause you’re the principal of a high school in a town with one high school and communities need good leaders,” Lighthall said. Lighthall announced this week he and his family will be leaving Paradise for good, like so many others in the fire-ravaged […]

  • DMV: Broken Printer, Software Glitch Delayed Permits for Thousands of Trucking Companies

    SACRAMENTO — A broken printer and a software glitch are why the California Department of Motor Vehicles says thousands of businesses across the state couldn’t get proper permits to operate their trucks. “That is just utterly inexcusable,” said Assemblyman Jim Patterson, R-Fresno. Patterson has been providing oversight on the DMV through a litany of problems in the past few years, which prompted a scathing state audit in March. The agency admitted Monday that its motor carrier permits required for every […]

  • 200 People Notified of Possible Exposure to Measles at UC Davis Medical Center ER

    UC Davis Health in Sacramento sent letters to about 200 people who visited its emergency department on March 17 to notify them that they may have been exposed to measles. “You will need to notify your primary health care provider(s) and your child’s provider(s) of this possible exposure to discuss your possible risk of infection, vaccination history, and other questions you may have,” the letter says. As for other family members that may also have been in the waiting room, […]

  • Proposed California Bill Mandates Priests Report Sexual Abuse Heard in Confession

    SACRAMENTO — California lawmakers are hoping to reverse hundreds of years of tradition in the Catholic church and mandate that priests who hear of child sexual abuses in confession report it to law enforcement. “The victims are told to be quiet, abusers are let go, free. Nothing happens to them and the cycle repeats and repeats,” said Kameron Torres. It was just two years ago Torres, as he puts it, woke up to the brainwashing of being a Jehovah’s Witness. […]

  • Woman Says Her Terminally Ill Son was Exposed to Measles at UC Davis Medical Center

    SACRAMENTO — A terminally ill child was exposed to measles while he was being treated at UC Davis Medical Center back in March. Where one might expect bowls or plates, Rayna Souza has shelves full of medication for her 7-year-old son, Jackson. On Tuesday, he was full of energy — but looks can be deceiving. Jackson has around 100 small tumors and a few very large ones on his brain. “It’s terminal and he will succumb to his disease at […]

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