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Since I can remember, I’ve wanted to be a reporter –is a story you hear from a lot of journalists, many of them really good ones. It’s not mine. When I enrolled at Michigan State University, I was an 18-year-old kid from Metro-Detroit with an interest in government and foreign affairs, and an inkling that I’d more likely end up in law school than on television.

I became a huge consumer of news, reading a few different newspapers every day and watching television news whenever I had a free minute. Cliché maybe, but one day, it clicked. I got lucky enough to get a summer internship at the local FOX station in Detroit, and from DAY ONE of that gig, I thought yeah, this is definitely for me.

It’s my hope that who I am flows through my reporting. I come from a big, loud Lebanese family –lots of love, lots of craziness. Both parents came from very little means to create a life for our family. I try to model my drive and work ethic from their example, and work to bring that to every reporting assignment, every day.

After a few internships, the career path took me to Lansing, Michigan, where I had the privilege of covering news in my home state’s capital city. In two years there I learned how to cover political news from a state house, do some in-depth investigative reporting and tell meaningful stories. Most importantly, I learned what a vital role journalists play in the function of any community large or small.

The road after reporting in Lansing took me to Columbia University in New York City to complete a Master’s Degree. A rigorous year in the big city was definitely an adjustment for a guy from the Midwest. I’m glad I did it though –I learned a lot, and it led me here to FOX40.

I’m excited to be here, covering news in such a dynamic place. I’m eager to explore Sacramento, and venture out into the rest of Northern California. Of course, I’m always looking for great story ideas –especially ones that may fly under the radar.

I’m a serious guy when it comes to work, but that’s about it. Off camera, I’m a big fan of gangster movies, stand-up comedy, sitcom re-runs, books (mostly non-fiction political but I’ll read a little of everything). Don’t be surprised to see me at a bar around town, or a local sporting event –I’ll root for the Kings, except when my Detroit Pistons are in town.

Don’t be a stranger! Feel free to contact me if you’ve got a story. Email me at Joe.Khalil@FOX40.com, tweet me at @JoeKhalil_Media, or call (916)-202-3643.

Recent Articles
  • Outraged Parents Say Davis Student Shared Cookies Made with Her Grandmother’s Ashes

    DAVIS — A family in Davis is shocked and upset after their son came home and told them about a bizarre incident at a Davis high school. He told them another student brought cookies to school baked with her grandmother’s ashes and was passing them around. “This girl is going around telling everyone, basically at this point, that she had brought in these cookies to school with human ashes in them,” said the Da Vinci Charter Academy High School student […]

  • California DMV Blunders Exacerbate Voter Fraud Concerns

    SACRAMENTO — The Department of Motor Vehicles is once again plagued by missteps in California, registering thousands of voters by mistake, some of whom may not even be eligible to vote. After not one but two major blunders by California’s DMV in registering voters, there have been new questions about California’s election system statewide, like who’s voting, is it fair and is it legitimate. “We in California can have a lot of trust in our registration and election system,” said […]

  • Elk Grove Man Says Life-Saving Medication Skyrocketed in Price, and His Insurance Will No Longer Cover It

    Update: Mark Dendy said Sutter Health and MedImpact reversed their decision. On Oct. 11, he was able to purchase a month’s supply of his medication for $15. The decision to cover the medication will be reevaluated by Sutter Health next September. ELK GROVE — Mark Dendy usually has a healthy sense of humor with the staff and students he tutors at Brightwood College in Sacramento. Many have no idea that, for Dendy, his work is a distraction from a life-threatening […]

  • Mother, Daughter Meet for the First Time in 52 Years

    SACRAMENTO — For 73-year-old Valerie Leatherwood this Is the longest escalator ride she`s ever had to wait for. She`s been waiting 52 years to see someone special. “I ended up with this phone call a couple months ago from a daughter that I thought I’d go to my grave not telling anybody about,” said Leatherwood. Five decades ago, 20-year-old Valerie was working at a nursing home in Minnesota when she unexpectedly got pregnant. She says her supervisor, a nun, sent […]

  • Yes on Prop 6 Chairman Calls for Federal Investigation into Rival Campaign

    SACRAMENTO — The gas tax is one of the most contentious issues that voters will decide on in November. Recent polls show the effort to repeal the gas tax is losing momentum among likely voters in California, with 39 percent favoring the repeal. The man behind the effort to repeal it says he knows why. He believes supporters of the tax are breaking campaign laws. “It shows that you cannot trust these government agencies with another penny of gas tax […]

  • Stockton Robbery Victim Dies after Holding on to Car Thief was Driving

    STOCKTON — What started out as a robbery outside of a strip club in Stockton ended with a man dead and another man on the run Tuesday night. It was nearly closing time at Deja Vu, a Stockton gentleman’s club, when deputies got reports of a robbery happening in the parking lot. Soon after, a sheriff’s spokesman confirms the victim who was robbed grabbed on to the car the thief was driving away in. He held on for half a […]

  • One Year Later, Vegas Shooting Survivors Struggle to Find Strength Amid Trauma

    SACRAMENTO — Along with the 58 dead, there are also around 20,000 survivors of the Route 91 Harvest Festival. Many of them have also struggled with issues of trauma over the past year. One of them, a Roseville woman, has been working hard to help as many of her fellow survivors as she can. “I will never be the same person ever again,” said Lisa Fine. Speaking to FOX40 from Los Angeles, Fine shared a cell phone video she shot […]

  • Man Files Lawsuit Against ICE, Alleging Abuse from Sacramento Agents

    SACRAMENTO — A man living in the U.S. illegally is suing ICE for damages totaling $750,000, alleging battery, assault and false imprisonment. “They told me that if I did not sign, they were going to go after my family and that they knew where my family lived,” Carlos Rueda said Wednesday. Rueda claims ICE agents first picked him up March 3, 2017 and demanded he identify other undocumented people or face arrest and possible deportation. “I was afraid. I was […]

  • Family of Woman Killed During Encampment Clearing Files Wrongful Death Claim Against Caltrans

    MODESTO — The family of a homeless woman, who was killed last month when a Caltrans crew tried to clear a Modesto homeless encampment, is now filing a wrongful death claim. The family’s claim is that Caltrans was negligent and reckless when a piece of heavy machinery hit and killed their daughter, identified as 33-year-old Shannon Bigley. “Given the circumstances, they’re doing what they can. Today, I can tell you they’re pretty upset,” said attorney Eric Khodadian. Khodadian, who is […]