Since I can remember, I’ve wanted to be a reporter –is a story you hear from a lot of journalists, many of them really good ones. It’s not mine. When I enrolled at Michigan State University, I was an 18-year-old kid from Metro-Detroit with an interest in government and foreign affairs, and an inkling that I’d more likely end up in law school than on television.

I became a huge consumer of news, reading a few different newspapers every day and watching television news whenever I had a free minute. Cliché maybe, but one day, it clicked. I got lucky enough to get a summer internship at the local FOX station in Detroit, and from DAY ONE of that gig, I thought yeah, this is definitely for me.

It’s my hope that who I am flows through my reporting. I come from a big, loud Lebanese family –lots of love, lots of craziness. Both parents came from very little means to create a life for our family. I try to model my drive and work ethic from their example, and work to bring that to every reporting assignment, every day.

After a few internships, the career path took me to Lansing, Michigan, where I had the privilege of covering news in my home state’s capital city. In two years there I learned how to cover political news from a state house, do some in-depth investigative reporting and tell meaningful stories. Most importantly, I learned what a vital role journalists play in the function of any community large or small.

The road after reporting in Lansing took me to Columbia University in New York City to complete a Master’s Degree. A rigorous year in the big city was definitely an adjustment for a guy from the Midwest. I’m glad I did it though –I learned a lot, and it led me here to FOX40.

I’m excited to be here, covering news in such a dynamic place. I’m eager to explore Sacramento, and venture out into the rest of Northern California. Of course, I’m always looking for great story ideas –especially ones that may fly under the radar.

I’m a serious guy when it comes to work, but that’s about it. Off camera, I’m a big fan of gangster movies, stand-up comedy, sitcom re-runs, books (mostly non-fiction political but I’ll read a little of everything). Don’t be surprised to see me at a bar around town, or a local sporting event –I’ll root for the Kings, except when my Detroit Pistons are in town.

Don’t be a stranger! Feel free to contact me if you’ve got a story. Email me at, tweet me at @JoeKhalil_Media, or call (916)-202-3643.

Recent Articles
  • Lawmakers Across California Criticize PG&E

    As polarized as politics are today, one thing everyone can agree on is that shutting people’s power off is unpopular. In fact, both sides of the aisle have been making the same arguments. They understand for safety reasons why Pacific Gas and Electric is doing their Public Safety Power Shuttoff. But politicians up and down the state have been saying the same thing — it never should have gotten to this point. Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom and Republican Assemblyman James […]

  • Millions Across California Brace for PG&E’s Widespread Power Shut-Offs

    While Pacific Gas and Electric focuses on preventing a major fire, the utility is well aware the largest preventative power shut-off event in the state will be a challenge for a lot of families. A phrase said a lot in the foothills communities Tuesday night – “it’s an inconvenience.” But there are those like Linda Gaskin who understand while having her power shut off isn’t ideal, it may be necessary. “I mean it is an inconvenience. I understand because of […]

  • Formerly Homeless Woman Fed Up With Encampment Outside Her Stockton Home

    STOCKTON — Homelessness poses challenges in almost every community across California and for some counties, like San Joaquin, which doesn’t have the resources to handle their own homeless populations, it can mean people living on the streets right next to family homes. Formerly homeless herself, Justina de los Angeles said even she is fed up. “People fight a lot, the dogs are barking, just traffic in and out. I have no idea if it’s drug-related or not,” she told FOX40. […]

  • Governor Signs Conservatorship Bill to Address State’s Growing Homeless Population

    SACRAMENTO — People are living on Sacramento’s streets who are quite literally too mentally ill or too affected by drugs to be able to function. It’s something Noel Kammermann, executive director at Loaves and Fishes, sees every day. “What we’re seeing is people who have not had access to regular medical, mental health or substance abuse care or treatment,” Kammermann told FOX40. It’s the portion of the homeless population in the most extreme need of help and there is an […]

  • Rep. Harder Talks Gun Control, Climate Change With Young Crowd at Modesto Town Hall

    MODESTO — At a town hall event Tuesday at Modesto Junior College, Congressman Josh Harder took questions from mostly teens about issues that matter to them. The issues the group ranked as their most pressing were paying for college, climate change and gun control. High school student Lauren Conrad said she is most worried about mass shootings and said it makes sense that many of her classmates came to ask about climate change. “It affects us a lot more just […]

  • UC Davis Researchers Working to Uncover Vaping Dangers

    DAVIS — As more reports come out about people being hospitalized with vaping-related illnesses, researchers across the country are trying to get to the bottom of why this is happening. Inside a lab at the Center for Health and the Environment just off the University of California, Davis campus, work is being done that could save lives. There Professor Kent Pinkerton is leading the effort to find out what is in vaping products that has been making people so sick. […]

  • Visiting Professor from Pakistan Mugged in Davis, Years of Research Stolen

    DAVIS — A visiting professor from Pakistan was robbed at gunpoint in Davis. He’s safe but years of research was stolen when the alleged robbers took a laptop and hard drive. Professor Syed Shah often left the lab late and he would bike home. On Friday night, however, his bike had a flat tire. On his way home that night, Shah said he saw a car pulled over. “The passenger got out and approached the victim with a handgun and, […]

  • Local Democratic Lawmakers Back Impeachment Inquiry

    SACRAMENTO — Tuesday afternoon, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi officially opened an impeachment inquiry into Donald Trump’s presidency. She now has the backing of more than two-thirds of Democrats in the House. “The president must be held accountable. No one is above the law,” Pelosi said. Before Speaker Pelosi’s announcement, many Democratic members of Congress, including those representing Northern California, were on the fence about impeachment. By Tuesday, every single Democrat from the Sacramento region expressed support for opening an impeachment […]

  • Large Fire Damages Historic Baseball Field in Lodi

    LODI — A historic baseball field in Lodi went up in smoke Sunday, nearly destroying the stands and making the popular park unusable. When the Flames take over Zupo Field, it usually means Lodi High School is hosting an opponent. But Sunday evening, actual flames took over the ballpark. “Found out it was one of the places that we actually grew up playing, like a childhood staple, you know what I mean. We were completely shocked, it was crazy,” said […]

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