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  • Former White House Chef Visits Saint John’s in Sacramento

    Chef Andre Rush has cooked for four presidents — Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Barack Obama and Donald Trump — but his community connections brought him to Sacramento. Prior to being honored at the State Capitol for raising awareness about veteran suicide, the combat veteran stopped by Saint John’s Program for Real Change to meet with some women going through their own battles. “Women going through domestic violence, drugs, rehabilitation with their kids and so forth,” Rush said. “They need […]

  • Dozens Volunteer to Prepare Food for Homeless on Labor Day

    SACRAMENTO — Dozens spent Labor Day volunteering at Loaves & Fishes, preparing lunch for hundreds. These are all current or former union workers. Their day jobs range from firefighters to bus driver to production staff. Jaqueline Ramsey is a retired state employee, volunteering at this Loaves and Fishes project for the first time. “It’s helping the community. It’s one thing to talk about people being poor in a disparaging manner, it’s another thing to really put in an effort to […]

  • Tenants, Landlords Share Thoughts On Deal to Cap Rising Rent Prices

    SACRAMENTO — One of the only bills left standing in this year’s push for affordable housing in the legislature has cleared another hurdle but the anti rent-gouging effort has undergone some changes. Assembly Bill 1482  would put a 5% (plus inflation) cap on annual rent increases, with a 10% maximum increase. That’s lower than the 7% threshold lawmakers had previously negotiated amid strong resistance from the real estate and development industries. An estimated one-third of California renters spend over half […]

  • Pacific Elementary Rolls Out Red Carpet for First Day Back

    SACRAMENTO — Pacific Elementary in Sacramento rolled out the red carpet for students and staff on Thursday for the first day of the year. Principal Lara Lampkins says the celebration idea cam from one of their own teachers. “She said, ‘Let’s make sure that we begin the year nice and energized,'” Lampkins said. “So this is our second year of our welcome line and we also added the photo booth that you see to capture the first day of school.” […]

  • Newsom Touts Community College Program in CRC Visit

    SACRAMENTO — Governor Gavin Newsom visited a class of first-year Cosumnes River College students who expected to be getting an introduction to political science on Tuesday. Instead, students were able to speak with Newsom on topics like DACA, climate change and high interest rates. The governor came to CRC to promote a program allowing students to essentially receive free community college. “And I recognize ‘free’ does not include all of the costs of attendance, but on the tuition side, we […]

  • Rio Americano Students, Faculty Meet to Discuss Racist Post

    SACRAMENTO — There were messages of love, encouragement, unity and support for black students as people arrived at the Rio Americano High School campus on Monday. It was a stark contrast to the other message associated with the day, a post laced with racial slurs made to look like it came from Rio Americano’s website. The message threatened violence from Aug. 26 forward against black students on campus. “When I seen this post it made me so angry,” student Jalen […]

  • Yuba-Sutter Veterans Stand Down in its 20th Year

    MARYSVILLE — A thousand veterans are expected to come through Riverfront Park in Marysville this week for the Yuba-Sutter Veterans Stand Down, an event providing free medical, dental and social services. The idea was not just providing those services, but bringing those services to an accessible environment. “When you got a working schedule it’s very hard to fit everything in and this makes it commonplace,” veteran Byron Wilson said. This is the 20th year of the Yuba-Sutter Stand Down event, […]

  • Ride-Share Drivers Voice Opposition to AB 5

    SACRAMENTO — California is poised to make big shifts to the way people work but not everyone is on board with the proposed changes. Sacramento State Akamine Kiarie drives for Lyft to keep up with expenses. For him, the on-demand employment is the perfect fit. “There’s just a whole lot of logistics involved to making money on the side while doing school. It’s very as compared to just turning on an app between classes. I mean, to me that’s golden,” […]

  • Proposal Would Lower California Voting Age to 17

    SACRAMENTO — A group of mostly Democratic lawmakers and teenage advocates announced Assembly Constitutional Amendment 8 Tuesday on the steps of the Capitol. The proposal would lower California’s voting age to 17. Advocates say young voters should have a say in who makes decisions that affect them. They also argue there is a practical reason for allowing people to vote while they are still minors. “Eighteen is the wrong point. We know that the time to get them and to […]

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