I’ve been dwarfed by the giant redwood trees in Humboldt County, been completely enamored by the colorful desert sunsets in El Paso, but nothing beats the cool Northern California nights and the cuisine. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve craved my parents’ home cooked adobo when I was away from home.
I was born and raised in the Bay Area, where ‘hella’ was a word I used more often than ‘really’ and traveling from the East Bay to the snow-capped mountains was a weekend retreat. I hike, I run and I also like read.
The San Joaquin Valley will be home for me now. I look forward to the adventures, the new friends I’ll make and the people I’ll meet.

I’m known around the newsroom for: being the last one to get an inside joke.
What keeps me going? Pretentious coffee.
I give back to my community by: trying out new restaurants and stores and meeting new people.
Why FOX40 ? Because why would I want to be anywhere else?
My greatest TV moment: this would have been great – I was supposed to do a move with some Virginia Tech cheerleaders on live TV. Suffice it to say, the live shot died but it would have been an epic moment since everyone knows the only dance move I can pull off is the robot.
TV moment I’d like to forget: sometimes we learn what not to wear on TV after the fact. I’ll leave it at that.
If I had free time, I would: definitely read more books and travel.

Recent Articles
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    STOCKTON — The Stockton Police Department arrested the city’s fire chief Thursday at City Hall. Turlock’s police chief reports his department launched a domestic violence investigation involving Stockton Fire Chief Erik Newman. He was arrested and turned over to Turlock officers. Newman will be booked into the Stanislaus County Jail on suspicion of felony domestic violence, according to the Turlock police chief. The arrest stems from a report filed Saturday that claims Newman injured someone who used to live with […]

  • Rep. Harder Reintroduces Bill That Would Give Undocumented Military Members Path to Citizenship

    It had failed to take off once before but now Rep. Josh Harder, D-Turlock, is working to breathe new life into the ENLIST Act, which, if passed, would grant some undocumented immigrants legal status if they serve in the military. For some living in the U.S. illegally who join the military a path to citizenship may be realized if the reintroduced legislation is passed. “This bill says that no matter who you are if you believe in the American ideal, […]

  • Blue Diamond Breaks Ground on New Manufacturing Plant in Salida

    SALIDA – Blue Diamond Almond Growers broke ground Wednesday on a new manufacturing plant in Salida. “We’ll need this warehouse to accommodate an additional 50 million pounds and be prepared to process and export to over a hundred countries in the world,” Blue Diamond Chairman Dan Cummings said. The new warehouse could not come soon enough for Cummings, who says 80% of the almonds consumed worldwide is grown in California. “It’s huge. It’s part of the infrastructure that we’re going to […]

  • Beloved Retired Stockton Bishop Stephen Blaire Dies at 77

    STOCKTON — Bishop Stephen Blaire served the Stockton community for 19 years before retiring in 2018. He died early Tuesday after a battle with a prolonged illness. He was 77. “When I look back over these years I, first of all, think about the people,” he told FOX40 in March 2018. “All the wonderful people.” Bishop Blaire helped countless families through hardship, devastation and tragedy. “He was a great organizer, a strong leader. Bishop Blaire taught us a lot about […]

  • Bullet Flies Through Window of Stockton Family’s Home, Just Misses Woman’s Head

    STOCKTON — It was a close call for one Stockton mother who said she was inches away from certain danger when a bullet came flying into her living room Sunday night. Now, the Stockton Police Department is investigating and officers say the shot was fired sometime around 11 p.m. on Erickson Circle near Henry Long Boulevard. “If I had been sitting upright, it would have been right at the back of my head,” said Amber Hernandez. “Two inches higher and […]

  • Cash-Strapped Turlock Won’t Hire New Firefighters, Police in Coming Fiscal Year

    TURLOCK — Turlock’s city manager says a new, slimmed down budget is a necessary evil in order to avoid financial ruin. There will be no new hires within the Turlock Fire Department or Police Department in the coming fiscal year. “Spending more than we took in, is no longer an option in the city of Turlock,” City Manager Bob Lawton said. Lawton says the move was necessary in order to keep the city’s $40 million budget out of the red. […]

  • Stylist Says Client Stole $500 from Wallet, Later Returns It

    STOCKTON —  Stylist Jessica Macias says a new client walked into Stockton’s Avenue Salon Wednesday afternoon, but couldn’t shake a strange feeling. “I had this weird, gut instinct and I was thinking in my head like, ‘I hope she doesn’t go through my purse,'” Macias said. Macias dyed the woman’s hair and as she waited for the color to set, she says she wanted to buy something to drink. “I just like looked in my wallet and I kinda like […]

  • Civil Rights Activists Support Man Held at Gunpoint by Off-Duty Stockton Officer

    STOCKTON — A viral video out of Stockton angered civil rights groups and the man who was held at gunpoint by an off-duty officer may now be seeking legal action. “I came because it’s not going to go under the carpet. We’re going to vacuum the carpet,” said the Rev. Shane Harris with the People’s Alliance for Justice. Weeks after the cell phone video in which James Weaver was pulled over by off-duty Stockton Officer Kevin Hachler went viral, Harris, […]

  • Newborn Baby Boy Found Alive in Stockton Dumpster; Teenage Mother Hospitalized

    STOCKTON — The Stockton Police Department is investigating after a newborn baby was found in a Stockton dumpster. Troy Cooper lives in Stockton’s Winslow Village Apartments on Village Green Drive, where he found the baby boy wrapped in plastic inside the dumpster around 11:43 a.m. “How could anybody do this? It was just unbelievable,” he said. Startled, he called his apartment manager, John Pedebone, for help. Pedebone said he picked up the baby boy, who was still breathing and alive. […]

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