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I’ve been dwarfed by the giant redwood trees in Humboldt County, been completely enamored by the colorful desert sunsets in El Paso, but nothing beats the cool Northern California nights and the cuisine. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve craved my parents’ home cooked adobo when I was away from home.
I was born and raised in the Bay Area, where ‘hella’ was a word I used more often than ‘really’ and traveling from the East Bay to the snow-capped mountains was a weekend retreat. I hike, I run and I also like read.
The San Joaquin Valley will be home for me now. I look forward to the adventures, the new friends I’ll make and the people I’ll meet.

I’m known around the newsroom for: being the last one to get an inside joke.
What keeps me going? Pretentious coffee.
I give back to my community by: trying out new restaurants and stores and meeting new people.
Why FOX40 ? Because why would I want to be anywhere else?
My greatest TV moment: this would have been great – I was supposed to do a move with some Virginia Tech cheerleaders on live TV. Suffice it to say, the live shot died but it would have been an epic moment since everyone knows the only dance move I can pull off is the robot.
TV moment I’d like to forget: sometimes we learn what not to wear on TV after the fact. I’ll leave it at that.
If I had free time, I would: definitely read more books and travel.

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    TURLOCK — A Sikh man who was the victim of a suspected hate crime was recognized in his city of Turlock for the endless good deeds he has done for the community. Surjit Singh Malhi proudly thumbed through the pages of his scrapbook Thursday. The book is full of proud memories and for each good deed he has chronicled there’s at least one person in Turlock who has taken notice. “He is always on the front lines whenever there’s a need,” […]

  • Stockton’s Universal Basic Income Program Moves Forward

    STOCKTON — In Stockton neighborhoods where the median income is around $46,000 a year, notices about Mayor Michael Tubbs’ universal basic income program have started to show up. Tubbs says he hopes that this lets families know that their concerns are being heard. “That they’re heard and that we care about doing all we can to make sure that people who are contributing, who are working hard, who aren’t bad people, who just need a little bit of help, get […]

  • Modesto Parents Carry on Daughter’s Legacy by Giving Back

    MODESTO — A Modesto family is honoring their 11-year-old daughter with what they call “Bella’s Bags.” On Sunday, 101 of the bags that honor Isabella Regacho were handed in Modesto. Not only did they help the homeless, the Regachos said it keeps a part of their daughter alive. “Around her birthday and around Christmas time is really difficult for me,” said Bella’s mother, Melissa. “This year, for her anniversary, was different because I had a purpose.” Bella died in November […]

  • Despite Safety Additions, Riverbank Intersection Sees Increase in Crashes

    RIVERBANK — Safety features installed two years ago at an intersection in Riverbank were supposed to keep drivers safe, but data released by the California Highway Patrol shows the number of crashes on Claribel Road and Terminal Avenue has actually increased. The concrete barrier, traffic lights and signs were installed in 2016 in order to make the intersection safer. “It’s essential. It has to be because when people don’t pay attention, it’s too easy to go ahead and do just […]

  • Lodi Coffee Shop Donates 10 Percent of Their Sales to Help Fight Sex Trafficking

    LODI — Serving up a great cup of coffee, with a great cause; a new Lodi coffee shop has promised to donate 10 percent of all their sales to fight sex trafficking. The artistry that’s poured into each cup of coffee is matched by the Coffman family’s heart. “Our family desire was to simply create a place where people come in and do family, do community, and drink great coffee and then partner that with a great cause,” said Lance […]

  • Stanislaus County Deputy Remembered for Kind Heart, Determination

    MODESTO — Tony Hinostroza was a decorated Marine, Stanislaus County Sheriff’s deputy and, for the people who knew him best, a father, uncle and brother who showed his love with his embrace. “When you got a hug from him it felt like his plan was to never let you go,” said the deputy’s brother, Carlos Vazquez. More than a thousand law enforcement officers and loved ones paid their final respects to the fallen deputy at the House Church in Modesto […]

  • UOP Administrators Notify At-Risk Students of Tuberculosis Case on Campus

    STOCKTON — Preventative measures were underway Wednesday at the University of the Pacific in Stockton, educators say, after a someone on campus had been diagnosed with the potentially deadly infection tuberculosis. Most students FOX40 spoke to were confident they will remain healthy and will continue their daily routines on campus. “I was really surprised because the school is really good in terms of, like, turning in immunization records and everything,” said student Joshua Lopez. Administrators alerted the community Wednesday morning […]

  • Man Arrested after Modesto Woman Says He Exposed Himself to Her

    MODESTO — A Modesto woman claims a man exposed himself to her and performed a lewd act while she was out on a jog Sunday morning. “I really want women to be aware of the fact that there are creeps like this out there,” the woman, who chose to hide her identity, told FOX40. She said as she was jogging around Modesto’s Orangeburg Avenue a car she had recognized was on the corner of Magnolia Avenue. “Automatically felt uncomfortable because […]

  • First Responder Injured while Responding to Call in Manteca

    MANTECA — Katrina Garcia says despite cautious efforts while emergency responders are on a call, they can’t always anticipate drivers’ dangerous actions. “We do our jobs well, we’re safe as we can be, but we are in the most uncontrolled conditions,” Garcia said over the phone. Garcia says she is now recovering at her home with sutures and staples in her head and face, and injured ribs and knees. She wants drivers to heed the law — move over or slow down […]