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I’ve worked for FOX 40 since before there was a FOX TV Network; when our primary programming was old movies and MASH reruns. But we had a fledgling news show that has steadily grown.

I still enjoy covering murders, fires, local government and the occasional man bites snake story.

I spend the bulk of my time outside work raising my daughter and trying to keep my collection of bonsai plants alive, sometimes successfully.

Recent Articles
  • VIDEO: ‘Parklets’ in Midtown

    Parking spots in midtown were transformed into ‘Parklets’ where patrons could relax and enjoy open spaces in an urban environment.

  • Empty Lot on Stockton Blvd. to Become Affordable Housing

    SACRAMENTO — The Old San Juan Motel and a neighboring motel, as well as a mobile home park, in South Sacramento are long gone but the property off busy Stockton Boulevard near Fruitridge Road is still occupied by homeless residents. City Councilman Eric Guerra and State Senator Richard Pan fashioned a bill that allowed the city to buy out other entities who oversee the empty lot at below market rate if it is used for affordable housing.  

  • Park Rangers Cannot Enforce No-Camping Ordinance Due to Court Ruling

    SACRAMENTO — The battle against illegal camping on the American River Parkway has gone on for years. With a recent federal court ruling, the county now has its marching orders. “Local governments cannot cite or arrest anyone for sleeping outside,” said Sacramento County spokeswoman Kim Nava. It’s an about-face for county park rangers, who have issued nearly 2,000 camping violations just this year. Jeffrey Utterback loves the bike trail on the parkway. But he says he’s been confronted a number […]

  • Sacramento Leaders Announce New Commission to Tackle Climate Change

    SACRAMENTO — Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg and West Sacramento Mayor Christopher Cabaldon are already soldiers in the war against climate change. Both made presentations at last week’s Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco. On Tuesday, they announced the formation of a regional commission, financed by nonprofits and businesses, to find strategies cities can use to reduce carbon emissions.

  • This Service Will Wash Your Car Using Less Than One Cup of Water

    LODI — The drought in California is supposedly long gone but there are still people who are water conscious. Lodi homeowner Brian Halstead has gone so far as to install artificial grass in his yard — and now he’s taken the next step. “You don’t have to do it just when there’s a drought,” Halstead said of conserving water while keeping his car clean. “Because California is dependent on water.” He tried out Insideout Wash for the first time. Raven […]

  • ‘Food Pharmacy’ Provides Healthy Options for Struggling Solano County Families

    VALLEJO — Solano County has unveiled a mobile fresh food truck that it’s calling a “food pharmacy.” That’s because it will be deployed at county health clinics in Fairfield, Vacaville and Vallejo. Patients will get prescriptions for healthy food along with traditional medicine and get them filled on the spot for free. The county health officer says diabetes, heart disease and obesity are maladies that can be treated with a healthier diet. Low-income patients at the clinics are often unable […]

  • Hearing Will Determine if Teen Accused in JJ Clavo’s Death Should be Tried as Adult

    SACRAMENTO — The long-awaited hearing to see if the suspect in the killing of a Grant High School football player should be tried as an adult began Wednesday. “I don’t think it’s fair that a 15-year-old can pick up a gun and shoot into an occupied vehicle,” said Nicole Clavo. Nicole Clavo, the mother of 17-year-old JJ Clavo, broke down on the witness stand describing the loss of her pride and joy, saying her entire family is still suffering from […]

  • Auburn Firefighters Take Preventative Measures to Reduce Cancer Risk

    AUBURN — The death toll among firefighters who worked in the wreckage of the 9/11 attacks continues to rise on the 17th anniversary of the disaster. At least 183 firefighters have now died due to cancers. Firefighters expect to come face to face with danger, it’s the nature of the job. But now they are also worried about a faceless danger — contaminants in the air and on their clothing and skin after the flames are out. “Things have changed […]

  • New Fire Station Opens in Wildfire-Prone Folsom

    FOLSOM — Much of Folsom is made up of flat suburban neighborhoods but to the north and east around the Empire Ranch development some streets are surrounded by views of the Sacramento Valley and Folsom Lake. But if you’re looking for a spectacular view it comes at some risk. The terrain is extremely difficult to defend against a wildland fire. It’s not just terrain, it’s the grasses, brush and oak timber that has fueled 15 wildfires in the city last […]