See which schools and businesses are closed due to poor air quality
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I’ve worked for FOX 40 since before there was a FOX TV Network; when our primary programming was old movies and MASH reruns. But we had a fledgling news show that has steadily grown.

I still enjoy covering murders, fires, local government and the occasional man bites snake story.

I spend the bulk of my time outside work raising my daughter and trying to keep my collection of bonsai plants alive, sometimes successfully.

Recent Articles
  • FEMA Resource Center Opens for Camp Fire Victims

    CHICO — Hundreds of Camp Fire victims lined up outside an abandoned Sears store in Chico on Friday to take advantage of emergency services being offered. However, the service that is most in demand is not so easy to come by and that’s housing. Many people still haven’t come to grips with how they are going to survive for the coming days and months. They have a lot of questions and that’s why Butte County has opened the assistance center […]

  • Homeless Camp’s ‘Warming Fire’ May Have Started Blaze in Stockton

    STOCKTON — After an unusually warm beginning to the month, temperatures in November have been starting to cool quickly, at least at night. Once a major waterway through town, Airport Way, where it crosses Mormon Slough, has been dry for decades and is home to dozens of homeless city dwellers. It’s where fire units responded to a call of a grass fire with reports of flames licking up both sides of the bridge. The fire degraded the concrete enough that […]

  • Gov. Brown, Newsom Meet the Press, Discuss Wildfire Devastation

    SACRAMENTO — Gov.-elect Gavin Newsom deferred questions about assessing blame for the wildfires now gripping the state. He met with current Gov. Jerry Brown for the first time since the election Tuesday and both spoke briefly with the press afterward. Brown did not want the impending transition to a new governor to overshadow what was on everyone’s mind — California’s horrific wildfires. “The tragedy continues, the search for lives continues and the firefighters are doing their best and we want […]

  • Sacramento Residents Start Their Week in Unhealthy Air

    Update: Sacramento State and Sacramento State Downtown will be closed Tuesday due to the poor air quality.  SACRAMENTO — Residents throughout the region continue to face smoky air caused by the Camp Fire, creating a health risk for everyone who breathes it. It’s not necessary to check air indexes or ozone alerts to know that the air is bad and has been since the Butte County wildfire ramped up through the weekend. The air was marginally better Monday but was […]

  • Beekeeper Offers Reward for Stolen Hives

    SACRAMENTO — Bee thieves have struck in the Sacramento area taking 80 hives that were stored for the off season near the Sacramento International Airport off of Elkhorn Road. Victor Cojan says he noticed his hives were missing on Monday. He says a local grower saw them there on Saturday and he surmised that thieves took them during the night on Sunday. Fellow beekeeper Eddie Maslyanchuk lost 20 hives a few hundred feet away along with beekeeping equipment like pallets, […]

  • Sikhs from Across the Globe Attend Yuba City Festival

    YUBA CITY — After a month’s worth of preparation, the Sikh community in Sutter County is putting the finishing touches on its annual parade and festival that will draw up to 100,000 visitors to Yuba City. The Sikh temple on Tierra Buena Road was awash in activity and temporary tents on the eve of one of the biggest gatherings of Sikhs outside Asia. On the first Sunday in November, the religious group, which originated in the state of Punjab in […]

  • Local Group Hopes to Save Antique Clock Outside Closing Sacramento Sears

    SACRAMENTO — An ornate bronze clock stands guard to the strip mall entrance to the Sears department store on Florin Road. But the entrance was once at the end of the since-demolished Florin Mall, which made way for a Walmart. The clock was the iconic feature of the indoor mall and stood 500 feet away from where it is now in front of Weinstock’s department store. “And in 2006, when they tore the mall down, they moved the clock by […]

  • Cal Fire: Red Flag Warnings are Equivalent to Tornado, Hurricane Warnings

    EL DORADO COUNTY — Some of Northern California’s deadliest fires happen in the fall. Wind, humidity and dry fuels also play into the decision to call a Red Flag Warning. The current warning is in effect until Wednesday morning. “A Red Flag Warning is the equivalent of a tornado or hurricane warning,” Cal Fire spokesman Brice Bennett said. “We really want the public to take it seriously.” PG&E, which was roundly criticized by some foothill residents for turning off the power […]

  • Davis Considers Banning Electric Scooters

    DAVIS — The City of Davis says it was caught off guard when it learned that a company that rents motorized scooters on a daily ride basis might begin operations in the city. That’s why the city council will consider an urgency measure banning the scooters until a comprehensive ordinance is approved. In other cities, scooter companies have begun marketing their scooters and taking advantage of non-existent rules and regulations. There have been complaints in those cities about scooters being […]