I’ve worked for FOX 40 since before there was a FOX TV Network; when our primary programming was old movies and MASH reruns. But we had a fledgling news show that has steadily grown.

I still enjoy covering murders, fires, local government and the occasional man bites snake story.

I spend the bulk of my time outside work raising my daughter and trying to keep my collection of bonsai plants alive, sometimes successfully.

Recent Articles
  • Until Permanent Housing is Found, Homeless Advocacy Groups Say “Safeground” Campsites are Needed

    SACRAMENTO – An empty lot at 12th and C streets is an example of what one solution to the homeless crisis in the Sacramento area could look like. It’s the site of a “safeground” event held Friday that’s meant to highlight the plight of the homeless and look for solutions. Some argue that the homeless would be less visible if sites like these were more common. There isn’t a more visible example of the homeless problem than what you can […]

  • Wet Winter, Recent Storms Close Some Lodi Parks for Memorial Day Weekend

    LODI — San Joaquin Parks officials expect a busy Memorial Day Weekend at its key parks like Micke Grove and Oak Grove, but it has also closed several parks along the Mokelumne River that is still swollen with snow and rain runoff. The trail in the Woodbridge Wilderness Area in Lodi is closed as is the Stillman MaGee Park about 15 miles upstream on the Mokelumne River. “Now with the May storms, the waters are very fast,” San Joaquin County […]

  • Parents, Staff Concerned by Construction of Cell Phone Tower near Folsom Day Care

    FOLSOM — A day care center in Folsom says it was blindsided by the construction of an 80-foot cell phone tower less than a hundred feet from its playground. Although there is no scientific evidence that the microwaves produced by cell towers are harmful to humans, it’s having a devastating effect on the business. “We’ve had about 34 families that have given their notice to leave us,” Kids, Inc. owner Kelli Vaccaro said. Vaccaro says there was no mention of […]

  • Mayor Steinberg’s Plan for Measure U Money Faces Criticism

    SACRAMENTO — The Sacramento City Council budget process is made a bit easier after voters passed Measure U, which is essentially a half-cent increase in the city sales tax that is generating an extra $52 million for the city. Now, there are concerns by some council members regarding a plan by Mayor Darrell Steinberg that uses some of the money to finance long-term bonds to make a bigger splash for community projects, like affordable housing. The mayor’s original plan called […]

  • Cosumnes Oaks High School Freshmen Tackle Styrofoam Use in Their City

    ELK GROVE — A group of Cosumnes Oaks High School freshmen is getting a taste of big-time politics by organizing an effort to ban styrofoam from the city of Elk Grove. The students will make a presentation on the merits of blocking the use of the polystyrene foam commonly used as packing material and food containers. The group is an offshoot of the campus Environmental Club — but this is no mere science or civics project. A similar ban has […]

  • Homeless, Advocates Seek Replacement Location for Recently Closed Stockton Boulevard Encampment

    SOUTH SACRAMENTO — Homeless residents of the recently closed encampment on Stockton Boulevard joined community supporters to protest the closing of the camp two weeks ago. They didn’t leave quietly when Sacramento County Sheriff’s deputies cleared 150 homeless people from the site. Officers said it was unsanitary and dangerous for inhabitants who were victims of violent crimes. Some of those who lived there disagreed. “It was safe. We could pitch a tent, not be cold, get out of the weather […]

  • Marysville Residents Decry Camp Fire Debris Trucks Clogging Highway 70, Rumbling Down Residential Streets

    MARYSVILLE — The recovery from the devastating Camp Fire in Butte County is having unintended consequences for the city of Marysville. Highway 70 runs through the middle of town and, under normal circumstances, is congested through the day — but add to that as many as 400 big rigs a day and it can be traffic chaos for those who have to make their way through town. The additional 400 or so debris trucks clog major intersections and sometimes take shortcuts […]

  • Proposed Law Would Greatly Expand Pot Businesses in California Communities

    SACRAMENTO — A bill to expand the sales of marijuana in many areas of California is moving its way through the State Capitol, supported by those who say local governments are ignoring the will of voters who passed Proposition 64. Assemblymember Phil Ting, D-San Francisco, says two-thirds of the state’s communities still do now allow a single marijuana retailer and three-quarters of them have not yet set up a framework or rules for sales. Ting says that flies in the […]

  • Emergency Officials Prepare for Wildfire Season Following Record-Setting Winter

    MCCLELLAN PARK — This year has set records for the amount of rain and snow that has fallen in the state but emergency officials say that won’t ease the fire danger in the state and, in fact, they say it could make it worse. Last year at this time, there were already over a thousand wildfires in Cal Fire’s jurisdiction. This year there have been 400 fewer fires thanks to a wetter spring. Cal Fire says they had over 153 […]

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