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I’ve had my share of excitement and close calls covering both news & sports for FOX40 since 2003. Probably the most thrilling was covering the San Francisco Giants World Series run back in October 2010 and being in the clubhouse for the champagne celebration. By the way, that stuff really does sting when you get it in your eyes!

While I’ve spent the majority of my two decades in TV covering sports, it’s my transition to reporting and anchoring everyday news that I’m most proud of.

In fact, because of the relationship I have established with Sacramento’s Animal Shelter and all the stories I’ve done, I am known as the best Sports/Animal reporter this business has ever seen. My only question; is there any other Sports/Animal reporters even out there…anywhere?

My job has allowed me to be involved and to completely jump into a passion of mine…the sports world. But yet, when I leave FOX40 for my weekend, the games, the highlights, the personalities are left behind as well. I’m proud that this business doesn’t run my life.

I love living in this part of the country and enjoy an amazing relationship with a woman who shares many of the same dreams & desires that I do. I’ve got two daughters, a step-daughter and step-son. It makes for a lot of crazy, fun & incredible moments and I’m thrilled to be a part of it all.

Recent Articles
  • Porch Pirate Makes Off with Backpacks Meant for Local Charity’s Care Packages

    ELK GROVE — Monday afternoon, a UPS driver had just dropped off two packages for JJ’s Hello Foundation with family members just inside the residence. Within seconds of the driver leaving, an individual in a dark hoodie snatched both boxes, running off and jumping into a waiting car. “We would have never thought that somebody, knowing that people were here, would come up to the door so close and take a package,” said JJ’s Hello Foundation co-founder Josh Anderson. Inside those […]

  • Esports: A New Era of High School Sports on the Horizon

    LODI — Call them pioneers in a new age of sports teams… Not with a ball or a bat, rather, using a mouse and a keyboard. Esports gaming is not just for the pros or college’s anymore, high schools are putting actual together teams. Tokay High School in Lodi is the first of just a handful of local schools to field an Esports team. Would you believe they have both a varsity and JV squad and hold tryouts for the […]

  • Bagley Brothers Show Their Support for One Another

    SACRAMENTO — One of the top NBA rookies, Kings power forward Marvin Bagley, shared the end of the Huskies’ bench in support of his younger brother, Marcus, a junior now at Sheldon High School. “It’s something we’ve been doing since we were younger,” Bagley said. “Everybody’s been watching, supporting each other. So whenever I get the chance to be here and watch I’m definitely going.” It’s not just Marvin Bagley who goes. The entire family, mom, dad and the kids, […]

  • Abuse from the Sidelines Driving High School Referees Away from Officiating

    At high school games, not just in California but all across the country, referees are making the call to step away from officiating. They are citing “adult behavior” from coaches and, especially, parents as the reason behind it. “Nobody deserves to work like that under that condition,” said parent Dan Lagunday. According to a survey by the National Association of Sports Officials, more than 75 percent of high school referees say that type of behavior is exactly why they quit. […]

  • Government Shutdown ‘Could Have Significant Impacts’ on California’s Breweries

    SACRAMENTO — Among the federal employees deemed “non-essential” and otherwise on hiatus during the partial federal government shutdown are those from the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau, which approves most new beer labels. “If you are a brewery that is trying to release a new brand or a seasonal beer release right now, you won’t be able to get your label approved,” said Leia Bailey with the California Craft Brewers Association. “So you won’t be able to release […]

  • El Rey on K Owes Thousands in Back Pay, According to California Labor Commission

    SACRAMENTO — Several former employees and some current ones as well, say that a popular downtown restaurant and night club, El Rey on K, has not been paying some of its employees for months. El Rey is owned by former Sacramento Kings player Kenny Thomas. FOX40 verified with the California Labor Commissioner’s Office Friday that there are two claims open against El Rey on K totaling more than $47,000 in unpaid wages. FOX40 reached out to Thomas several times Friday […]

  • Well-Known Aquatics Coach Dies in Tragic Accident in Cayman Islands

    STOCKTON — The Stockton and Lodi communities said goodbye to a beloved aquatics coach Thursday. To say Tom Downer enjoyed the water would be an understatement. “He taught all the lifeguards, did all the lifeguard training for virtually every pool in Stockton,” said Herb Vochatzer, who coached with Downer. Whether it was water safety, water polo, first aid or scuba diving, Downer spent his life teaching others about having fun and being safe in the water. “He did CPR, first […]

  • E-Scooters Coming Soon to Sacramento, Along with Tickets for Misuse

    SACRAMENTO — There has been a revolution, of sorts, of electronic scooters in cities like San Francisco, Oakland and San Jose within the past year. It’s a trend Sacramento is planning to be a part of very soon, but with a better set of guidelines for all. “We’re looking at phasing it over a year period, so that way we don’t all of a sudden have thousands of scooters on our streets that are relatively new to our city,” city […]

  • Folsom High School Football Coach Headed to Sac State

    SACRAMENTO — The Sports Information Department at Sac State wouldn’t confirm coach Richardson’s hiring Friday, but they were quick to point out they weren’t denying it either. Saying, ‘nothing is official until the coach signs his contract,’ which will be after the first of the year. Richardson himself though, left no doubt. Which now has football fans across the region buzzing. Putting aside 24 years of coaching football at Folsom High, that encompasses 4 state titles, including back-to-back championships the […]