Nikki Laurenzo is part of FOX40 News’ evening team.

Nikki joined FOX40 News in September of 2016, bringing with her a wealth of experience from working in Waco, Texas and Billings Montana, previously. She is a recipient of the Edward R. Murrow Award for Breaking News (2015) for her coverage of the Fort Hood Shooting and won a Lone Star Emmy in 2014 for her news special on West Remembered.

Recent Articles
  • 2019 Capitol-to-Capitol Program Wraps Up

    WASHINGTON — The Capitol-to-Capitol 2019 program wrapped up Wednesday as the delegation of business leaders and elected officials from the Sacramento region left Washington, D.C. “It’s a beautiful thing to see. We have over 350 people here,” Sacramento Metro Chamber of Commerce President Amanda Blackwood said. The group spent the last few days meeting with leaders in Washington with the goal of advancing growth and meeting the needs of California’s capital region. “What I love most about Cap-to-Cap is you […]

  • Local Congress Reps React to McConnell’s Comments on Mueller Investigation

    WASHINGTON –On the Senate floor Tuesday, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell declared the Mueller investigation over. But his Democratic colleagues in the House don’t agree, including California Congressman John Garamendi, D-Fairfield. “No president can be above the law. And for Mitch McConnell to simply say, ‘It’s over,’ and to ignore the plain language of the Mueller report, which clearly points out that there was a possible obstruction of justice, is simply an abdication of the congressional responsibilities of oversight and […]

  • Capitol-to-Capitol: Program Seen as Beneficial to Freshman and Long-Time Congress Reps

    WASHINGTON — Hundreds of city, county and business leaders from California’s capital region are in the nation’s capital to present their ideas to local members of Congress, hoping to make them a reality. The Metro Chamber’s 49th-annual Capitol-to-Capitol program is a first for freshman Congressman Josh Harder of Turlock. “One of the big challenges of Washington is reminding people that California is more than San Francisco and Los Angeles and that in the Central Valley, in the Sacramento region that […]

  • Watergate Hotel Seen as Inspiration for New Hotels in Sacramento Region

    WASHINGTON — Since the infamous break-in at the Watergate in June of 1972, the site has evolved and the hotel is now a desired concept being eyed by other cities, including Sacramento, which is looking to fill a void in hotel options in the area. “In Sacramento, we want to just continue to improve and do everything that we can to bring tourism in and what we’re learning here at Cap-to-Cap is that there’s a lot involved in doing that,” […]

  • Capitol-to-Capitol Group Discusses Public Safety

    WASHINGTON — The Camp Fire devastated Paradise and several surrounding communities, the effects spreading to the Sacramento area and bringing air quality to dangerous levels for days. That’s why preparing for wildfires and public safety, in general, are a couple of the key focal points during the 2019 Capitol-to-Capitol program. “We talk about wildfire and forest health in three different categories,” Project Valley Vision consultant Meg Arnold said. “Prevention upfront, response in the midst of an event and recovery in […]

  • The Ticket: Willie Brown Reflects on Legacy in California

    The year was 1964. The Beatles dominated the charts, Lyndon Johnson occupied the White House, Pat Brown was the governor of California and, that same year, a young lawyer in San Francisco named Willie Brown was elected to the state Assembly. Brown, a Democrat, was one of a handful of black legislators at the time. A driven and outspoken showman, Brown rose through the ranks and was described as one of the most powerful state lawmakers in the country. He […]

  • She’s 38, a Mother of 2, Latina, and the New Leader of California’s Republican Party

    SACRAMENTO — California is a Democratic stronghold, with supermajorities in the Senate and Assembly, a Democratic governor and big congressional wins in last year’s midterm elections. But there was a time when the Golden State wasn’t so deeply blue. California birthed two Republican presidents, Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon, and in more recent memory, voters twice elected Republican Arnold Swarzeneggar to be governor. But as the saying goes, that was then and this is now. Now, only one out of […]

  • WATCH: Attorney Mark Reichel Explains Mueller Report

    Attorney Mark Reichel sat down with FOX40’s Nikki Laurenzo to talk about the conclusion of Robert Mueller’s investigation.

  • Turlock’s Young, Democratic Congressman Discusses His Time on Capitol Hill

    SACRAMENTO — It has been a little more than two months since Democratic Congressman Josh Harder arrived in Washington D.C. The freshman representative from Turlock is one of the youngest lawmakers on Capitol Hill — a fresh face looking to spark change. “Affordable health care, real immigration reform, more jobs in the valley are the right set of priorities and now it’s time to actually get something done,” Harder told FOX40. Harder knows it won’t be easy, especially when it […]

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