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TV news people are nomads — always hopping from one city to another, hoping to make the next big career move. Well, my story is no different. In every place I have lived and reported the news, I have learned unforgettable, valuable life lessons. They have shaped me both as a journalist and as a person. Here’s me in a nut-shell:

First stop: KGTV in Sunny San Diego, CA. I was here as a student intern, while pursuing two bachelor’s degrees from the University of California, San Diego. Here, I discovered my love for the news industry.

Next up: CNN International in Tokyo, Japan. This internship was my first experience in network news. Here, I learned what it was like to be a small but important part of the bigger picture.

Third Stop: KCWY in Casper, Wyoming. My dream came true! I became a real, working journalist (aka. A one-man-band-reporter-anchor-producer-photographer-editor-webwriter-“everythinger”). This is where I learned how to multi-task, and internalized my role as a journalist in a tight-knit community.

Up next: NHK World in Tokyo, Japan. I used my bilingual skills to report for a 24-hour English news program, covering the tsunami and nuclear disaster aftermath and feature stories. This is where I learned more about myself and became proud of my heritage.

Before this: KSWB in San Diego, CA. This time, I was here as a professional, and not as an intern. Here, I re-established my love for the state of California and of the American news industry.

And finally: Here I am, at KTXL in Sacramento, CA. Thank you for having me in your TV’s, computers, and mobile devices! I am so grateful for this amazing opportunity. Hmm… I wonder what I will learn here…

Thanks for reading a little about me. Now it’s time for me to help tell your story!

I’m known around the newsroom for…

Talking… or singing… to myself. Sorry!

What keeps me going?

My extremely supportive family and friends from all over the world… and Peanut Butter M&Ms.

I give back to my community by…

Donating my hair for Locks of Love, volunteering at various organizations, and I hope to do more!

Why FOX40?

It was the right place at the right time for me. And I hope I am the right person to get the job done for FOX 40 and our awesome viewers!

My greatest TV moment:

It has yet to come!

TV moment I’d like to forget:

My tongue froze in my mouth while shooting a stand-up for my sweeps piece in Powell, Wyoming. I wish I was kidding…

If I had free time, I would…

Be in a musical.

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