I spent 11 years as a newspaper reporter, yearning to report on TV; I love the immediacy of television and getting a story out.

With no experience from working in smaller markets, I would record mock reports and hand deliver them to all the Sacramento stations. A former Fox40 news director, took the time to write me a two-page letter, telling me to stay in print, because making the transition to TV would mean moving away to get experience. I kept that letter in my underwear drawer for a couple of years.

I got my break when a new news director at Fox40 hired me, because he knew I could report and had a lot of sources. I gained TV experience working the assignment desk, and began reporting in front of the camera six months later.

Today, I’m grateful to be the Solano County Bureau Chief. I’ve covered that county for nearly 20 years, most of that time reporting on infamous murders and murderers. It was during that time police credited me for helping them clear the murder of an innocent 21-year-old Fairfield man.

I’m known around the newsroom for…
Getting the harder-to-get stories, the ones where victims shed gut-wrenching tears, or suspects surprisingly run their mouths; the stories other reporters cringe on having to do.

What keeps me going
Being able to hold my kids, my faith in God and finding comfort in Him during a long drive back home at night, especially after hugging a weeping parent who just lost their kid, or talking with someone whose innocent family member was killed in some violent crime.

I give back to my community by
Spreading someone’s story I’m trusted with, hopefully helping someone else in the process.

Why FOX40?
I love Fox40 because they take chances on people like me, and I love the immediacy of getting a story out.

My greatest TV moment
Getting the only interview with a child murderer who admitted to killing a 7-year-old Vallejo girl he had kidnapped. He was eventually convicted several years later, and died in prison.

If I had free time, I would…
Spend it with my loved ones, watch more movies with them, and go to church more often.

Recent Articles
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    SACRAMENTO — There was heartbreak a day after a beloved Sacramento police officer and Sacramento State graduate was killed in the line of duty. “She was like family,” said Dr. Melissa Repa, who was one of Officer Tara O’Sullivan’s former professors. “The Hornet family is so important and I’m honored to have known her. And I know that her legacy will live on in this community and at Sacramento State.” Twenty-six-year-old Officer O’Sullivan was shot and killed Wednesday after she […]

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    ROCKLIN — A new state law, which takes effect on July 1, requires everyone who wants to purchase ammunition, must pass a background check and show federally compliant identification like a Real ID or a passport. “It’s a mad rush to buy as much ammo as you can right now,” Rocklin Armory owner Terry Fong said. “All these people with the regular driver’s license, we won’t be able to sell them ammunition.” One detail is still unclear with dealers. “And […]

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    FAIRFIELD — A large homeless encampment in Fairfield is set to be cleared Wednesday. The area along Cordelia Road near Highway 12 has been home to dozens of homeless people for the past several weeks. Fairfield City Councilwoman Catherine Moy said the city and county have been working closely to provide the homeless community with resources to get out. Tuesday morning, two police officers and a master social worker met with some of the homeless in hopes of having them […]

  • PG&E Tells Residents to Prepare for Potential Planned Blackouts

    SACRAMENTO COUNTY — With Pacific Gas and Electric planning more blackouts in these hot temperatures, residents are starting to put their backup plans in place. “Been off the grid for years. We have solar and then when the solar goes off, we have a generator that kicks on,” said Amador County resident Savannah Vindervenkinne. PG&E said it will be turning the power off to various counties when fire danger is high. Vindervenkinne and her family are prepared for any emergency. […]

  • Hit-and-Run Driver Suspected of Forcing Man Off Highway 33 Arrested in Southern California

    PATTERSON — Months after a Patterson man was forced off the road along Highway 33 and left to die, police have arrested the driver who swerved into his lane. It was the phone call Debra Davis has waited 68 days for. “He said, ‘I have good news,’ and I started crying,” Davis told FOX40. “Uncontrollable.” With help from U.S. marshals in Southern California, the Modesto California Highway Patrol arrested Philip Jimenez, 34, of Whittier. He was booked on suspicion of […]

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    SACRAMENTO — The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office is looking for a man suspected of committing a sexual assault in the Sacramento area near La Riviera Drive. With notepads in hand, investigators were stopping anyone near Salmon Falls Park, asking them the same question. “He shows us a sketch of some guy and said he raped some girl on this bridge and asked if we had seen him,“ said park visitor Adrian Graham. The sketch shows a man who the sheriff’s […]

  • PG&E Wildfire Emergency Plan Could Keep Manteca Residents in the Dark

    MANTECA — An emergency plan is in the works in Manteca after Pacific Gas and Electric says they will cut off electricity to the city for up to five days if weather conditions become hazardous during wildfire season. “We’ll look for extreme fire weather conditions and potentially shut the power off for safety,” said PG&E spokesperson Brandi Merlo. PG&E’s Public Safety Power Shutoff program was planned with the goal of never seeing a repeat of the deadly Camp Fire, which […]

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    SACRAMENTO — The day before her wedding, Amanda Rabe found out her father would not be able to make it. Rabe told FOX40 her dad still suffers from a spinal cord and brain injury after he was shot in the line of duty several years ago. To this day he still suffers from severe migraines, which cause him to pass out. “It’s normal for him. We’re very used to it, TSA wasn’t,” Rabe said in a video chat with FOX40 […]

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